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I am currently in high school but graduating in June i just finished my online school through my high school i had two credits to finish so i did it online. But when i was going to school i had taken a creative writing class and a web design class. which i had loved dearly. i had actually thought about taking them both again but i wasn't allowed i had no room to do classes i had already gotten credit for. But that didn't stop from writing. I normally would write every day for an hour sometimes more. but when i found out i was pregnant i had stopped. my life had changed without writing so i am trying to find my dream job where i can write creatively whether it be poems, short stories or songs. i love it all its my passion. now web design on the other hand its fun and i know how to do it. i think its more time consuming if i had to do it i would. But if i had to choose between them i would choose to write. And not all of the things i write are creative is actuality. It is stuff that has actually happened to me. So just to make things clear writing is my passion not just something i like to do.
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