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Location:Harrogate, British Columbia, Canada
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My name is Leanne Clark and I have been writing since the age of 6. I received my first Remington typewriter also at age 6 during the Christmas season and have not stopped writing since. In the past I only wrote about my adventures and things I knew, I now write about things I know as well as things I have to research which I love to do. I love knowing that the articles I am writing will not only help my employer but also those who are seeking an answer to some type of question and the research I do on any subject is in depth and well versed unless otherwise stated. Before I started writing full time, I worked in social services with intellectually handicapped adults as well as adults with mild to severe mental illness. The work I did with these adults opened my eyes to what is important in life and how wonderful people with disabilities are so, working with them taught me the type of laughter and discipline needed in order to get from day to day with the most optimistic attitude possible.
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