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Emily Metta Starr

Freelance Portrait Artist, Book Illustrator, & More

Location:Torrington, Connecticut, United States
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Emily Metta Starr. Fine Artist

I started creating from a young age with basic pencil and paper drawings, sketching and painting.Although most of my fine art skills and knowledge are self taught, I am thankful for two special mentors in my life who inspired confidence and a passion for art in my spirit.

I realized my gift for portraiture quite by accident at the age of thirteen. As a child I recall disappearing into my bedroom (while I was supposed to be doing chores) with just a yellow HB Ticonderoga pencil and a single sheet of computer paper. I sat for hours on end losing track of the time passing me by. I emerged with drawing in hand to find my mother, standing crossly in my doorway, wondering what I had possibly been doing for the last six hours and why the bathroom was not yet clean. Slowly and unsurely I handed her the drawing I had created instead of doing my chores. To my surprise, my mother stood in the doorway crying all over my drawn portrait. Needless to say she quickly forgot about my undone chore. I smiled to myself, "I have figured out how to get out of doing chores for the rest of my LIFE!!!"