Timothy Petchel

Freelance Database Expert & Database Designer

Location:Norfolk, Virginia, United States
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For the past six years I have worked for the Navy Systems Support Group now Ship Maintenance and Logistics Information Systems (US Navy) under Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). NAVSEA's primary objective is to engineer, build and support the U.S. Navy's fleet of ships and combat systems. NAVSEA accounts for nearly one-fifth of the Navy's budget, with more than 100 acquisition programs under its oversight. As lead database analyst I have contributed to the design, development and maintenance of multiple application suites including Advanced Industrial Maintenance (AIM), an industrial project management software and project planning software, Project Scheduling and Sequencing (PSS), a project scheduling application and Material Access Technology (MAT), a supply and inventory control application. These Oracle database application solutions allow four government shipyards to plan, coordinate and execute industrial maintenance projects, from small ship availabilities to long term ship overhauls.

I have also worked with our WEBAIM team which is developing a .net platform based interface to the existing database so I have experience with the dot net platform as well as experience working along side .net developers in the development of web based applications that interface with Oracle.

On a daily basis, I work with our shipyard customers to troubleshoot and fix problems they experience with the applications mentioned above. As well, as a PL/SQL developer I contribute development to further enhance these application systems.

I have an advanced understanding of the system development life cycle and the importance of tight integration of each phase of the life cycle in order to produce a quality product more efficiently. We are a level III CMMI organization and generally follow a good life cycle model. I have developed, troubleshot and patched extremely complex database applications consisting of packages, procedures and functions that communicate across multiple database instances and schemas.

I have 10 years of experience in business software development and 15 years of technical experience as an analyst of one kind or another. I have specific experience in requirements gathering and analysis, requirements documentation, design documentation, testing, development and maintenance. I have a well rounded background that gives me the potential to manage projects.

I am a self-motivated learner who has acquired a good understanding of object oriented concepts, learned visual basic for applications, some .net and some java. As well, I am self-taught in HTML and cascading style sheets and javascript an example which can be viewed from the following url: http://members.cox.net/timothy.petchel. (The site views well with Internet Explorer 7. Not so well with IE 6). I am self taught and classroom taught when it comes to Oracle having acquired OCP certification.

In addition to the depth of my technical experience I bring advanced understanding of business and statistical concepts having obtained graduate degree level education in business and quantitative analysis (minor of International Studies). I have an unusually high level of management and communication skills for a developer. In short, the skills, knowledge and capabiltiiesI offer are a total package of extremely high value in the long run.. Indeed I am far more than a coder.
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