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Marty Sullivan

Freelance Programmer & Database Expert

Location:Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
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Martin Sullivan


A professional Software Engineer, experience in providing computer based solutions for large and small corporations. Very talented in coding HTML, ColdFusion, Flash, Java, Javascript, Visual Basic, Cascading Style Sheets, Access, SQL, Oracle, and C/C++, Proficient in writing specifications and user guides. Proven record of on-time delivery and defect-free code.


Motorola , Plantation, FL Apr 2005 to Present
Supports the Quality Assurance Department. Developed a “Cradle” to “Post Ship” analysis system of the entire production process. Items included: Rayleigh prediction models, Defect Leakage, Defect tracking, Defect analysis, Third party vendor analysis and tracking. Charts were used extensively by management to determine shipping dates and product readiness. Developed the system on the Intranet using Java, ColdFusion 8/9, Ajax and a diverse number of Databases including Oracle, SQL Server, Access as well as Clearquest and DDTS products. Designed and coded much of the system with input from the QA Department..

Broward County Property Appraisers Office, Fort Lauderdale, FL Oct 2003 to Mar 2005
Responsible for designing and coding the all web based applications, both Internet and the Intranet. Projects include Deed processing, Online homestead, Commercial property appraisal system and the Freud detection system. These Systems utilized Oracle 10G and ColdFusion 6.1 and Java. Parts of this system were written in Dot.Net.

Systems Development Corp., Boca Raton, FL Jan 1999 to Sep 2005
Provides turnkey E-Commerce web sites, as well as custom designed sites. Clients include Unites States Air Force, Department of Commerce, Broward County Property Appraisers office, An Internet startup, Miller-Freeman Corporation. Responsible for the customer interface, the design, and the development and project management of these sites using ColdFusion, Java, Oracle or SQL, Java, Javascript, Flash and CGI scripts. The two turnkey applications were CyberStore and RealEstate Developer. CyberStore is a complete retail E-Commerce site that allows the user to manage content, list items for sale and control inventory. The system has a complete accounting package back end included. Designed the systems, acted as project manager and also performed much of the coding. RealEstate Developer is another turnkey product that allows Real Estate firms to post listings, including virtual tours and directional maps. Designed, developed and managed the product., Developed their entire web presence as well as their Intranet site for one of the largest counties in Florida.

Enterprise Software Strategies, Inc., Boca Raton, FL Feb 1997 to Dec 1999
Created Internet webserver/webpage using Java, CGI, HTML and integrated into database. Set up and maintained network. Designed and coded DB2 database using C, C++, TCP/IP Socket Interface. Created proprietary client project using Micro Focus COBOL. Research implementation of SAP. Project Management - managed 22 individuals on various projects.

M.C.S. SoftWare, Inc., Boca Raton, FL Aug 1994 to Feb 1997
Research, specification analysis, conceptual design, prototype/product code, integration, test for the following projects:
OS/2 Video Server, QNX traffic reporting system, QNX to Modcomp Device Driver, OS/2 CDROM Driver, Windows Printer Driver, OS/2 Bi-directional Parallel Driver, OS/2 Raid level 5 controller/shared memory VDD, OS/2 Serial Pointer Device Driver, OS/2 utilities to facilitate use of voice enabled applications, Windows Bus Mouse Interface, PowerMac (token ring & Ethernet) Network Drivers, OS/2 Bus Mouse Interface, Graphical Transportation Info System X-Windows Displays, Windows NT Raid Controller, OS/2 Display Driver Test and new driver development for proprietary hardware, Sun Solaris Printer filter using a Motif Gui

IBM, Speech Solution Development & Speech Recognition Technology Nov 1993 to Aug 1994
Boca Raton, FL
Involved with IBM's VoiceType Dictation speech recognition projects for both the OS/2 version and the port Windows. Responsibilities included design, coding for the engine and user interface, interpretation of the AIX-based code enabling conversion to OS/2, and the conversion/optimization of OS/2 codebase to Windows operating system. Developed Multimedia-based Device Drivers for OS/2 and Windows utilizing existing OS/2 and Windows DSP code. Wrote OS/2 and Windows PCMCIA Drivers - Mwave, Modem, Harddisk, and Voice module. Project software was written in C and Assembler on OS/2, Windows for Workgroups and Windows NT.

Montage Group Ltd., New York, NY Dec 1993 to mar 1995
Wrote an OS/2 Raid level 5 controller coupled to a shared memory VDD (Virtual Device Driver) that enabled Windows Application running on WinOS/2 to access an OS/2 device. This feature allowed the client to run their current Windows product on OS/2 utilizing the increased throughput that OS/2 allows. Increased throughput speed from 1.5 mg/min to 12mg/ min. Code in C and Assembler on OS/2 and Windows.

South Florida Water Management, West Palm Beach, FL Jul 1993 to Aug 1993
Created a water flow analysis system using Motif on a Sun Workstation. The system used statistical data of rainfall by region by month to predict water flow through the Districts Rivers, locks and dams. The system used C, C++ and Motif on Sun OS, a UNIX operating system.

IBM , Boca Raton, FL Jan 1993 to Aug 1993
Worked on the Workplace Shell for DOS project. This project required creating an OS/2 personality on the DOS operating system. The code had to duplicate the OS/2 workplace shell and function on 640K DOS machine as well as be able to run on an AT 286 machine. Code in Assembler, C and C++ on DOS.

IBM, Boca Raton, FL Mar 1991 to Jan 1993
Responsible for the OS/2 Display Drivers and was component owner of the CGA, EGA, VGA 16 and 32 bit 8514 and PMPRE, the printing rasterizing component. Increased performance of the 32 bit VGA Driver by 20% enabling it to be part of OS/2 2.0. Assisted in the development of the 32-bit graphics engine. Code written in Assembler, C and C++ on OS/2.


The OS/2 2.1 Corporate Programmer's Handbook, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1993
Secrets of the OS/2 Warp Masters, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1996.
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