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Location:Harrah, Oklahoma, United States
Phone: 4059740486
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Psych Ward Media LLC is a recording studio in quiet Harrah, Oklahoma just east of Oklahoma City. We specialize in local music, podcasts, and small-medium business voice over/commercial work. We have a professional, acoustically treated studio available for you with a certified audio engineer, graduated top in his class. We have a wide selection of mics for studio quality voiceover work and recordings. Need foley (sound fx like thunder or footsteps) work for your internet/radio/podcast show? We can do it. Want a bit of oldschool flavor in that mic? Try our vintage Akai ADM-11 matched pair from the late 1960's.
Want a newer sound? Try the Behringer B-2 Pro for a nice modern yet warm sound. If you need dj drops, or music for your podcast we can start from scratch or put something together fast from our library of well over 15,000 audio clips, loops, and full tracks ready to go. Here at Psych Ward Media LLC we do whatever you need, how you need it. We have available to us just about every electronic audio and music tool you could think of, from mics, to hardware synths and soft synths, to electronic drums and DAWs, but what we really believe is that it's the experience and know how that counts. If you would like take a listen to the our work try out the steam game series DCS:Black Shark, or go to our sound cloud for a truly wide and honest selection of our work in all stages of production, from nearly raw recordings to finished product.
We work with clients to help them find not just a vision of their sound, but the best vision of their sound, using their show/vo/commercial/song outlines, ideas, and creativity along with our engineering experience, knowledge, and industry inspired creative theory. Here at Psych Ward Media LLC, we can give you what you need

find examples of our work in various stages and types at
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