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Kat Livengood

Freelance Photographer & Marketer

Location:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
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Hello. My name is Kat Livengood and my company, Mazen Photography and Design, is really just a fancy company name for... well.... me. Such a bizarre name, right? Well, yes. But, like everything else, this too has roots. I actually named it "Mazen" because the idea to do something that I loved as a professional venture came when I was sitting with my dog, Mazen. Named out of respect for my favorite Rock and Roll band of all time (Aerosmith), Mazen Tyler looked up at me at one of those life cross roads - and poof (or woof) - an idea was born into this world.

?For my photography I find myself at ease shooting with my Canon Camera. While I have shot (and do shoot) nature and events, I am most intrigued with the human face. The blank canvas of a child's innocent stare to the weathered character of the elderly, each face and each expression tells a story and each story is begging to be captured. Today the technology exists to present the stories in their full brilliant color or their baseline light of black and white. There is a promise in a well taken portrait - a promise of longevity, of impression and of legacy. Everything is preserved in a photo - the moment, the mood and the energy.

?For designing photographer there is a very similar approach to filling a frame. It is all about composition. About mixing the balanced, with the unbalanced - about appeasing the senses and intriguing them simultaneously. So in my approach to design I believe that space is key. Negative space playing just as big a role as any other, is drawing the eye while maintaining harmony. Marketing is about giving your customer's what they want - and in some cases knowing what they want before they do. A good design will prove fresh enough to gain trust while also establishing willingness to be relevant - to be modern. With so many advertisements in the world today, how do you stand apart from your competition? Creative Marketing, fresh design and a play to your strengths will give you results. Continuing to grow and learn and change with your audience will enhance them. Like all things in life though, everything starts with two things - and idea and a design.

?So thank you for your visit to my page and for your time. As we all buzz around at 100 miles per hour, I fully realize how valuable this is and am humbled by your attention to my work. If you would like to reach out to me for a session or project, my contact information can be found on the "CONTACT" page of my website:"


?Kat Livengood graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Telecommunications and Film Studies. She has worked for Emmy award winning production houses, International Talent Agencies, Book Publishers and Small Businesses across Indiana. She is also an experienced media and email marketer with an Indianapolis based global service provider.
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