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Colette Chamberland

Freelance Website Programmer & Security Programmer

Location:Sarasota, Florida, United States
2 Skills

Xeologic, Inc, Columbus Ohio (2009-Present)

Provide “as-needed” technical consulting and developing services based on my areas of expertise to small and medium sized businesses including web application development, internet security, malware removal, SEO/SEM, project management, network infrastructure design and security & general IT recommendations. Develop, maintain and sell several of my own successful web based software systems written in PHP/MySQL.

Latest Project (2010-2011) - EPS Financial, LLC., that utilized 4.0, MVC 2.0, webservices (c#), Linq to SQL, jQuery, OLTP/SQL Server Database Administration, SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) development, SCRUM and Agile methodologies, JIRA ticket system. Manage their current public website using ASP.NET forms, javascript and jQuery, SEO optimization.

Precise Resources, Columbus, OH (2008 - 2009)

Maintain and enhance existing Legacy Microsoft internal agency applications at Nationwide Insurance. Assisted other developers in converting classic ASP applications into J2EE. Also managed DBAi user security database morning processes and created stored procedures and SSIS packages. Tools/Languages used: classic ASP, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, Visual Basic 6.0 COM, SQL Server 2005, DB2, ODBC, ADO, XML, XSL, VB.NET, Visual Source Safe, VBScript.

Limited Brands, Inc., Columbus, OH (2007-2008)

Design, develop and maintain internal ASP.NET (C#) team applications, including a custom software tracking system; time conversion tool, and added additional security functionality to existing software. Created windows services in C# .NET to process XML files. Made modifications and corrections to custom JDA Intactix & Enterprise planning sytem add-ons in Visual Basic 6.0. Tools/Languages used: Visual Basic 6.0, ASP.NET, C# .NET, XML, Web Services, Oracle 10g and PL/SQL Developer, JDA Inactix API.

Chamberland Technology Group, Inc, Chesapeake, VA & Riverview, FL (1994-2006)

Designed, Developed and maintained applications for numerous clientele. Projects ranged from MS Access Databases to complete web applications. This included managing small teams (1-4 people), off shore developers and project management.


Title: Crystal Reports Developer (2005-2006)
Project Type (Offsite): Corp to Corp Sub-Contract with NASA Langley Research Center through Jacobs Sverdrup/ROME Group

Review clients data and complex reporting requirements and provide custom crystal reports based off of their business requirements. Tools/Languages Used: Classic ASP, Crystal Reports 10, JavaScript

Title: Web Application Developer (2000-2004)
Project Type (Offsite): Long term, Corp to Corp Sub-Contract with Kentucky Department of Insurance through KForce then L3C Communications.

Designed, developed and maintained their agency website - Developed a system that had secure access for agencies and companies to manage their state DOI information online as well as consumer ability to file complaints. System also included several complex online data querying tools. The system included a back office web based application that allowed the division employees to update their information, documents and pages displayed on the website via a wizard type interface that did not require any programming knowledge. Also designed, developed and maintained their employee intranet system. Prior to leaving converted entire intranet system to ASP.NET (C#). Additional duties included IIS Administration and hardening, penetration testing and security auditing of web based applications to make sure that they were secure and would not allow unauthorized entry into the internal networks. Provide details of security information to management to make informed decisions. Tools/Languages used: Classic ASP, VBScript, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic 4-6.0, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C#, Oracle 8, OO4O, ADO, Toad, Nmap, Eeye.

Chamberland Technology Group, Inc (Con’t)

Title: Lead Developer (2001-2002)
Project Type (Offsite): Corp to Corp Sub-Contract with NASA Langley Research Center Through HEI, Hampton , VA

Designed and developed a heterogeneous inventory application that would sync between Palm Pilots, MS Access and Oracle. Help design as well as develop a web based online facility maintenance system that connected to MAXIMO system. Tools/Langages Used: PHP, VBScript, Access, Oracle 9, Maximo, PalmOS SDK.

Title: Project Manager/Lead Developer (2000-2001)
Project Type (Offsite): Direct Contract with Web Search, Inc.

Manage team of two developers as well as creating customizable search/data archive service for their web based search system. Site Included an administrative control panel for owner to be able to manage database information as well as change site information. Tools/Langauges Used: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Excel Exporting

Title: Project Manager/Lead Developer(1999-2000)
Project Type (Offsite):: Direct Contract with LoveBid, Inc.

Managed a Team of three developers to create web based application/online auction based dating service. Website allowed users to register and create personal profiles that other users could register and bid on in an eBay syle auction. Site also included a back office administrative control panel that allowed the owner to manage the site and site content on an ongoing basis. Tools/Langauges Used: PHP, JavaScript, Oracle, Toad

Metro Information Systems, Virginia Beach, VA (January 2000 – March 2000)
Information Systems Consultant


Title: Project Manager/Lead Developer
In charge of managing a team of three as well as designing entire site layout, SQL Server Database structure, COM components & navigation to build Demo Content Management system for them to demo to venture capitalist for Tools/Languages Used: Classic ASP, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server, CSS, Visual Source Safe.

Title: Consultant/Analyst
Helped team devise Technical specifications and Development plan for new e-commerce C2B site for Microsoft Platform.

Maxim Group, Louisville, KY (1997-2000)
Contract Programmer/Analyst


Title: Programmer/Analyst, Kentucky Department of Insurance (1998-2000)
Creating and implementing departmental applications for three out of 6 departments using OOP concepts with Visual Basic 6 and Oracle objects for OLE for Y2K compliance. Created Report Modules using Visual Basic, OO4O (Oracle Objects for OLE) and Crystal Reports for several applications. Created and implemented a thin client of the new Y2K compliant software for cross department viewing of information from the Internet & Intranet using VBScript, ASP & OO4O.

Maxim Group, Louisville, KY (Con’t)

Title: Programmer/Analyst, American Technoglass 1998
Duties: Converted Existing Access 2.0 Databases to Access 97 for Y2K compliance. Added accessibility features to existing databases by creating forms with VBA for data entry and reports. Created new relational databases forms and reports based off of information in excel and existing databases. Trained employees on features available and how to do basic maintenance on the databases.

Title: Programmer/Analyst, Vencor, Inc. 1997 - 1998
Duties: Contracted to help on Y2K compliance Project. Converted Informix 4gl code into Visual Basic 6.0 code using DAO and ADO to connect to Access Database. Re-Created reports generated by Informix code into Crystal Reports 6.0 and Visual Basic Code.


Web Application Development

HTML, XHTML, XML, DHTML, ASP, ASP.NET 4.0 (C#), ADO.NET Oracle .NET data provider, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, CGI programming (PERL). ActiveX, COM/COM+ components – Visual Basic 4-6, VBScript jquery, MVC 2.0, Linq to SQL. Light Java, nant experience.

SQL, Crystal Reports, ADO, DAO, OO4O, ODBC, Oracle, Oracle .NET, Toad, PL/SQL Developer, Access (2.0-2010), MySQL, MS SQL Server & T-SQL, Informix. PostGreSQL, SQL Server Administration


Secure Web Application Design and Programming, Penetration Testing, Security Tools (nmap, satan, etc.), forensics, auditing, monitoring, tracing.

VBScript, C#, SCRUM, pair programming, war rooms,Visio, Microsoft Project, Crystal Reports/Crystal Enterprise. SSRS, Company Management and Accounting, Full life cycle project management, Creating website layout documentation, network design, Database Diagrams, organizational charts and timelines for project Completions.

E D U C A T I O N & C E R T I F I C A T I O N S

CIW - Web Design Specialist (2012)

Brainbench Certifications (2008)
(Transcript ID #6596641) Job Role Certifications: Web Developer (BCIP), Computer Programmer, .NET Programmer

Individual Certifications: HTML 4.0, Web Development Concepts, RDBMS Concepts, Visual Basic 6.0, Programming Concepts, VBScript 5.5, ASP.NET, Project Management, MS Access Programming, Master Computer Forensics, Internet Security, Business Communication, Programmer/Analyst Aptitiude, ADO.NET, .NET framework, Web Services.

Western Governors University - Planned Graduation June 2013 - BS, Information Technology Major in Computer Security.

Ohio University Attended via Distance Education in 2006
Miami Dade Community College
Attended in 2005 for General Education Requirements
Columbus State Community College Attended in 1998 for CS GE requirements. 2009 for Real Estate.

Other points of interest/Activities
Ohio Licensed Real Estate agent, love to snowboard, excellent cook, love to learn new exciting things. Enjoy being in a challenging position.