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Jing Cai

Freelance Landscape Architect & Drawer

Location:London, London, United Kingdom
Phone: 07803365077
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My name is Jing Cai. I was born in Shanghai, China. I have grown up in a highly artistic family. My family has been very supportive of me in developing my artistic and aesthetic skills. I have obtained a bachelor degree in landscape architecture.

I have traveled all across China in order to expand my understanding on Chinese arts comprehensively. Upon my graduation from University, I embarked on my ethnographic field work in Japan. In China, so much of Chinese cultural treasures have been lost due to historical tragedy in recent history, however, the Japanese people were much more sophisticated in preserving the ancient Chinese cultures and arts. For this reason, I extensively traveled around Japan in collecting Chinese arts and in better understanding Japanese aesthetics. My experiences in Japan and China qualify me as an Oriental Cultural Expert.

As a Landscape Architect, I have put so much effort in understanding historical techniques and skills in terms of how Japanese successfully preserved the ancient Chinese culture and arts as opposed to Chinese. In my field work in Kyoto and Nara, I have conducted extensive research on traditional Japanese and Chinese architectures and gardens. For example, the Japanese people created the best ancient architectural technology in terms of enduring and minimizing the earthquake damages. Many of the historical buildings in Kyoto and Nara were better preserved for it and such an ancient technology is used even in the present time, Tokyo Sky Tree, the highest tower in entire Asia located in Tokyo is a good example.

My artistic interests are not limited to aesthetic cultures. In addition to the landscape architecture, I have broad interests with regard to other aspects of design. In school, I took part in many student activities, including the poster design, member’s clothes design, and magazine design. I am confident in saying that all these experiences I have make me highly flexible in adapting myself to different kinds of artistic cultures
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