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Sherry Todd

Freelance Voiceover Freelancer & Song Writer

Location:Larue, Texas, United States
Phone: 903 681-3509
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I am a singer and song writter. I live for music and it is my calling. I just lost my Mother on August 14th of last year and wrote a song about her death. It will not be easy, but I find healing in the good memories of her.I will never forget her. My song about my Mom is called " The phone doesn't ring." My mom use to talk to me all the time on the phone because I couldn't see her every day but now that has changed. I miss her and love her so very much, I wish she was HERE! I have an album comming out this year and every song and melody was written by me. I am with Tate music group and have a major record label. My music is Country. I am also looking to write for other artist. Kenny Rodgers is with Tate and Niel Mcoy. I have been writing for 13 years now and it is paying off! Hope to write for someone soon. THANK YOU, Sherry
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Song Writing