Scott Foster

Freelance Song Writer & Singer

Location:Bristol, Tennessee, United States
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I'm from a small town in upper east Tennessee. My family has a long history of musical talent, but i have taken it further than any one in my family.My great grandfather performed country and western music local and several aunts,uncles,& cousins were musically inclined but performed mostly in church where i got my start as well.I would dance & had a guitar as a toddler so by the time i was eleven i was singing & performing on a local gospel radio program.I went on to perform in several rock bands in which exsposed me to lots of live stage performances,contest,& auditions in front of major record lables.I currently do studio recordings that i write,arrange,& perform myself.I also write music, & lyrics for other performers & have done several music videos.If you have a vision,idea,plot,or a topic i can write the music & lyrics to go with it. No matter what style of music you may need....S.FOSTER
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Song Writing