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Sheryl Torr-Brown

Freelance Editor & Technical Writer

Location:Mystic, Connecticut, United States
Phone: 860 389 5060
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I love to translate complex concepts and content into readable prose for any audience and can meet short deadlines. I write on anything but specialize in science, medicine and health, including drug R&D. I also edit scientific and technical articles for publication in multiple forms, including peer-reviewed scientific and clinical journals.
I have a Ph.D in Medicine and Physiology from London University and I have lived in the US since 1989. I have spent 18 years as a pharmaceutical executive and the last 6 in consulting, writing and editing.

-Focus on health, wellness and pharmaceuticals. Specialist in all therapeutic areas, translational medicine, personalized medicine.
-Consulting: Independent business and communications consulting for health related companies: Focus on health communications, patient experience of health and disease, in personalized medicine, translational health sciences, disease management.
-Writing/Communications: Writing/editing/presenting including investor materials, business plans, patient and physician education materials, white papers, reports, grant applications and scientific articles. All therapeutic areas.
- Clients include: Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Phillip Morris International, GE Healthcare, Open Innovators, Sanofi, Woodrow Wilson Center, Alternative Futures Association.

-Open Innovators, CT. Medical Director (2007-present)
*Knowledge strategy development for diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and other retinal diseases. SBIR+NSF grants obtained.

-Pfizer Global Research and Development, New London, CT (1999-2006)
*Senior Director and Head of Science, Communications and Technology for World Wide Drug Safety. Worldwide leadership of Technology Evaluation, Communications, Scientific
*Creator and leader of Pfizer Futures Intelligence Network. Creation of a cross-company network of senior executives with the remit to create evergreen future healthcare scenarios with associated implications for the pharmaceutical industry and for Pfizer, and to incorporate insights into annual strategy setting activities.

-Searle/Monsanto Corporation, St Louis, MO (1994-1999)
*Director of Knowledge Management, Bioinformatics and Communications for Monsanto Corporate
*Liaison between Monsanto and Washington University for $5M annual granting process for translation of basic science to potential therapeutics
*Thrombosis Research Group Leader: Development and implementation of drug discovery platform for anti-thrombotic therapies. 20 direct reports.

-Astra Zeneca (previously ICI Pharmaceuticals), UK (1982-1986).
*Experimental Officer in heart failure and blood pressure research

*SMR International, NY (2008-2009). Teaching executive courses for Knowledge Services
*Mitchell College, New London, CT (2007). Teaching course in clinical trial design
*Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, MO (1989-1994). Instructor in Cardiovascular Sciences in the Dept Internal Medicine. Teaching experience in surgical techniques and in biological sciences. Participation in NIH SCOR program and acquisition of R01 NIH research grant.

*The Gemma E Moran United Way New London Food Center, CT, Head of vision and strategy development for the New London food system. (2007-present).
*Co-founder and knowledge strategist for New London Food Policy Council (January 2011- present).

-St George’s Hospital Medical School, London University, London, UK 1986-1989. Doctor of Philosophy Degree awarded in Medicine and Physiology. Thesis entitled “Effect of anti-platelet compounds in experimental models of thrombosis and myocardial infarction” (First year completed at Bath University, Bath, UK)
-Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK 1978-1982. B.Sc (with honours) in Applied Biology. Specialist areas; Physiology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Microbiology, Medical Microbiology

• National Coalition of Independent Scholars
• Professional Member of the American Diabetes Association
• Cambridge Who’s Who
• New York Academy of Sciences
• Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
• Institute for Noetic Sciences
• Integral Institute
• American Association for the Advancement of Science
• World Futures Society
• Society of Toxicology
• Board Member, Gemma E Moran United Way Food Center, New London, CT
• Editorial Board, Personalized Medicine, Future Science Group, London


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