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Christopher Hatfield

Freelance Digital Artist & T-Shirt Designer

Location:Toledo, Ohio, United States
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I am highly passionate about creating stories and the process of project inception to completion. Involving myself with creative individuals while maintaining the long term goals of the project are things I find challenging, exciting, and rewarding.

I am interested in all types of art and media work as an avid art lover, keen eye for great art. I am self taught outside of a short run at university before signing to a record label and touring for much of my twenties. Always learning, every day from any source available. I have a passion for art and music as well as video and film. Lately I find myself doing a lot of tangible work with mixed media and such enjoying the tactile experience.

I've recently relocated from Hollywood, CA back to the midwest after about four years of LA. I had had enough of the city and missed family, friends, etc. I've already enrolled in a local college to knock out a few inexpensive years of schooling at state level before transferring. While I did reside in Hollywood, CA, I surrounded myself with talented people so that I could learn and absorb all that I could. My time was/is spent writing scripts for graphic novels, connecting talented individuals to work on the scripts I create through a pipeline from invention to completion while filling budget gaps by personally lettering or editing.

My skills include Photoshop, Illustrator, Traditional pencil and media, digital design, art direction, illustration, script writing, and a limited knowledge of networking.

I do not know code, or web design, or flash etc, at this time. I can quickly adapt to these mediums at an entry level given the proper guidance and support within a project by someone more experienced than I.
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Digital Art
T-Shirt Design