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Jackie Diaz

Freelance Fantasy Artist, Digital Artist, & More

Location:Staten Island, New York, United States
12 Skills

For job Inquiries Please call from
12pm to 6pm (Est time)

Day phone (718) 967-3238
evening phone (917) 660-1714

Special Skills:

• Vast Interenet Knowledge
• Skilled in all office Microsoft Programs
• Skilled in all creative Adobe suit Programs
• Skilled in additional digital painting programs
• Illustration (traditional/Digital)
• Photo manipulation/Photo Retouching
• Preparing images for web Design/Printing
• HTML Programming for web design
• Designing layouts for desktop publishing
• Vast Typography knowledge
• Excellent Public speaking skills
• Painting Traditional/Digital
• Creating 2D animation
• Video editing/set lighting


• Adobe InDesign CS6
• Adobe Photoshop CS6
• Adobe Illustrator CS6
• Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
• Adobe Flash CS6
• Adobe Bridge CS6
• Adobe Movie Maker 2011
• Mac Final cut PRO
• Mac Corel Painter 11
• Microsoft Photo Impression 2009
• Microsoft Word Mac 2011
• Microsoft Powerpoint Mac 2011
• Microsoft Excel Mac 2011
• IWeb Mac 2011


High school of Art and Design September 2001-2003

Tottenville High school September 2003- June 2005

Wood Tobe-Coburn School September 2007-2009


Joshua Nash / Comic book Writer
(973) 459 - 5095

Micheal Keenan / CEO Mint Media©
(917) 685 - 8708

Terrance Foster / Ad advertising agent
(757) 748 - 9168

Angel Rivera / CEO Tragic entertainment©
(847) 754 - 8877


Work Experience

Kojo’s Heaven Studio Photography© December 04 - July 05
Graphic Designer/Model
Assisted with photo retouching and manipulation, but mostly modeled for advertisements.

Glamor shots photography© October 05 - Decemeber 05
Photographer/Model/Make up artist
Photographer for a short while, but started to train professionally to apply make up professionally on costumers That requested photo shoots. I also modeled for them as well.

Mint Media© Novemember 07 - July 08
Graphic designer/model/Photographer
I was responsible for photo retouching, creating artistic media, shooting photography modeling as well to create surreal images for artistic projects and advertisements for buying customers.

Tragic Entertainment© April 11 - August 2011
Comic artist/collaborator
Job reasonability was to create the artistic media for the written comic series Myzery© featured in California 2011 Comic con.

One source Talent Agency© May 08 - Present
Acting off/on Broadway plays such as Delightful Quarantine,
Much ado about nothing and blood and gold.
Modeled at many different venues and shows
such as The art of fashion, FIT open fashion
house, and various ad campaigns both
fashion and commercial.

Pfizer Marketing© January 11 - april 2012
Graphic designer/collaborator
Job duties were to come up with a well
orchestrated and complete ad campaign
design for my Employer for Alka-Seltzer
Plus© and a comic advertisement strip
for ******©.

Highly contagious comic venue© September - December 2012
Comic artist/collaborator
Job reasonability was to create the
artistic media for the written comic
series Highly Contagious© As a business
pitch to MARVEL comics©.

Graphic designer
created picture Graphics submitted
to customized profile settings.

Body Shop©
Sales representative
Job responsibility were to assist
customers with there beautification
products and skin care

CP Media©
Graphic/Desktop publishing
Job responibilities where to create
a magazine cover for City park
media’s september 2011 issue.

Mark Lauria Associates Inc.
Responsibilitys were to file and
organize insurance plans and

River comics© Jan 11 - Present
Comic artist/collaborator
Job reasonability is to create the artistic media for the written comic series Barcode©
featured at or facebook/rivercomics


To obtain a position where my educational, rofessional skills and work experience can be fullyutilized and advanced attributing to growth within the creative work field and within a company.

Enternet links and References

Occupational skills

• Sculpting • Acting
• Painting • Painting
• Writing • Drawing
• swimming • Musician(guitar/singing)
• Free diving • Martial arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu)
• snowboarding
• surfing
• modeling