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Jackie Diaz

Freelance Fantasy Artist, Digital Artist, & More

Location:Staten Island, New York, United States
Phone: (917) 660-1714
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Jacqueline Diaz

Objective: I want to offer my expanding skill set and dedication to a successful and growing company. With a design and marketing skillset, my goal is to bring purposeful and well-executed visions and ideas into the world. I wish not only to grow but also to further master my skills as a leader and a team player. I hope to carve a deep path for myself in any company or organization I contribute to. I am a valuable asset to have not just for my experience, but more so for my dedication and fortitude to my employer and the work I produce for them. I would love to be a part of your team and I appreciate your time in considering my application.

Work Experience

• Brand Coordinator & Senior Graphic Designer
[SIEDC] Staten Island Economic Development Corp. - Staten Island, NY
December 2018 to Present
Orchestrated and produced all signage and multi-media marketing material for 2000 attended SIEDC April Business Conference 2019, For their 2500 attended health EXPO 2019, Annual Awards Gatsby Gala 2019, and Chairman's Annual Golf Outing in Atlantic City. My job responsibilities are to oversee and produce all creative marketing materials that promote the company, our members, programs, events, sponsors, and economic projects that are funded and carried out by our members and sponsors. I am also responsible for cataloging all company media and assets. I act as the other half of the marketing department in regard to how we execute our strategies creatively and efficiently. I work to further push the image, duties, and publicity of this company and its many members and influencers.

• Senior Apparel Graphic Designer
Isaac Morris LTM - New York, NY
November 2017 to 2018
Lead a team of 10 Apparel Graphic designers in selling 35 racks seasonally filled with licensed pop culture apparel designs to major retail outlets such as Macy's, Nordstrom, Target, Children's Place, Disney store, Walmart, and Universal studio outlets. My job responsibilities were to design digital media and apparel designs signed by licensors such as (MARVEL, DC COMICS, DISNEY, UNIVERSAL, etc.) to create artwork that would be placed on all types of children's apparel. I am asked to lead, work, and collaborate with the apparel design team, as well as our licensing teams, production line, and warehouses to produce products, apparel, and licensing products in very tight deadlines for major retail outlets such as (MACY'S, BOX LUNCH, TARGET, WALMART, etc.)

• Art Director & Illustrator
C.L. Dawes Entertainment™ - Los Angeles, CA
March 2013 to November 2017
I produced and designed signage, branding, and marketing for several Comic-Con events from 2013 to 2017. Their very successful graphic novel series "Ecclesiastes©" sold 3500 copies at the 2014 end of the year in Los Angeles Comic-Con. My job responsibilities were to reinvent the concept designs and multimedia content for this Graphic Novel series. I was also asked to cultivate marketing campaigns aiding more advertisements and constructing a clearer identity of the series and its installments. I was also asked to create clean branding for the comic company as well. A big part of my job responsibilities was to file and create, all traditional and digital assets procured by the great creative team and me.

• Senior Beauty Advisor
Wakefern Food Corporation - Staten Island, NY
May 2015 to July 2016
My job responsibilities were to provide knowledge and guidance on proper skincare based on specialized medical conditions, as well as simple cosmetic knowledge and hair care regimens. This job also required me to be a makeup artist working onset and offset with a variety of clientele, with a team of girls I would be responsible for. I would also set up and coordinate events for multiple beauty brands at various conventions launching the latest products and campaigns.

• Art Director & Illustrator
Soul bullet entertainment© - Nashville, TN
April 2012 to June 2015
I composed the production and design of all signage branding & marketing for several Comic-Con advertisements and Marketing booths from 2012 to 2015. As well as creating the art for their very successful graphic novel series "Sons of Darkness" which sold 5000 copies at the 2014 end of the year in Nashville statewide comic con as well as New York City Comic-Con. My job responsibilities were to produce the concept designs for various characters as well as draft concept backgrounds, while art directing a few other wonderful graphic artists. I produced the desktop publishing material for the graphic novel series as well as ushered graphic designers with their department tasks. I was asked to digitally make the content pages and visual campaign advertisements, as well as construct the visual identity for the company and its lead graphic novel series.

• Lead SFX Makeup Artist
Halloween 2012 - New York, NY
September 2012 to October 2014
I was an actress in this Franchise show, as well as a makeup artist on set. My job responsibilities were to act in an annual horror event each year in New York City's scariest haunted house. As well as getting the other actors and make-up artists ready with high couture stage make-up by applying silicone and airbrushed foam appliances. I was in charge of floor directing the make-up artists I was responsible for, to make sure our performance times were spot on.

• Apparel Designer
February 2013 to August 2014
My job responsibilities were to reinvent old design concepts and newly produce concept artwork for men's and women's tees and tank tops for a variety of individual customers, paternities, and sororities' houses. I was asked to come up with many original designs and logos of my own to further advertise and brand our customer's various businesses and college houses. Another part of my job was to organize, save and catalog all creative assets bought, and produced by the company.

• Graphic designer & Typography Designer
Scarf-it© - Chappaqua, NY
April 2013 to June 2014
My job responsibilities were to reinvent and newly design the instructional booklets for this very successful fashion product and to also retouch all of the photography material for website and publishing usage. I was asked to design banners and product packaging as well.

• Beauty advisor & Floor manager
The Body Shop - Staten Island, NY
October 2012 to April 2014
My job responsibilities were to apply fresh new looks on customers with our all-natural cosmetic products providing them with proper skincare knowledge. I was asked to overlook and set all the employee schedules, payroll, and training. I was asked to promote our skincare lines while fulfilling my duties as a floor manager and a makeup artist.

• Illustrator & Graphic Designer
River Comics - Santiago, CA
March 2011 to June 2013
My job responsibilities were to produce conceptual character designs and the visual identities of this graphic novel series. I was also asked to produce the campaign advertisement and visual identity assets of the company. I digitally produced the page content and was asked to catalog all creative media and assets made by the company and myself.


BA Graphic Design
Fashion Institute of Technology
New York, NY
November 2009 - November 2012

AA Marketing & Advertisement
Woodtobe-Coburn College - New York, NY
November 2006 - November 2008

High School Diploma
Tottenville High School - New York, NY
September 2001 - June 2005


Branding Design
Advertisement Design
Project Management
Skilled in Office Microsoft Programs
Skilled in Adobe Creative Suit Programs
Skilled in UI/UX programs
Illustration (Traditional / Digital)
Preparing images for Web Design / Printing
Designing layouts for AD Publishing
Vast Internet Knowledge
Vast Typography Knowledge
Excellent Public Speaking Skills
Video Editing & set Lighting
Apparel Design
Pattern Design
Photography & photo manipulation
Billboard design
Desktop Publishing
Book Illustration & Design
Graphic Novel Illustration
Fine Art in Oils & Acrylic
Editorial Design
Web Design
Video Editing
Cosmetology & SFX Artist
Ghost Writing
Traditional Sculpting



Marina Pilasova Vice President of Corporate Investment Bank JP Morgan
(718) 663-9750
Jaclyn Taschetti Director of Marketing and Outreach for SIEDC
(718) 887-5620
Niles French Senior Project manager & Staten Island BID District Director
(347) 458-9634
Michael J. Keenan Head Camera Operator & Photographer for Nat GEO
(917) 685-8708
Leon Dawns CEO of C.L. Dawes Comics
(310) 795-2279
Marcus Currie Owner of Soulbullet Entertainment
(615) 456-5202


Mad Artist award 2012 • Art of Fashion©
September 2012
This was given in my college, at an art expo for the open night. Given for best conception product and fashion window design.

Art of Fashion© 2012-2014 (Artisans award)
May 2012
It was an award given at a gallery event for the best concept work. I returned two years later to get the same award.

Star Exposure Award 2013 • Community at
March 2014
This award was given to me for the most exposure and skill set of any artist on this specific art scene sight worldwide.

Penny Dreadful Art Contest 2016 • Showtime©
July 2016
This was an award given to the First Place Master dreadful by the concept artists of the Showtime series Penny dreadful© cash prize of 5,000.00 and to have your artwork featured on the products and in their comic series.

Chashama Gallery Show 2019 • See Me© Gallery
June 2019
I was featured in an exclusive Art Gallery Exhibition at the freedom tower where artists from all over the east coast showcased their work and displayed their artwork for placing bids. I am currently a member of the see me art gallery.


• Adventure Diver (PADI)
• Advanced Diver (BSAC)
• CPR Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
• Food Handlers Certification