Friends (1875)

Jackie Diaz

Freelance Fantasy Artist & Digital Artist

Location:Staten Island, New York, United States
Phone: (917) 660-1714
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For job Inquiries Please call from
12pm to 6pm (Est time)

Jacqueline D. Diaz
950 Huguenot Avenue
Staten Island NY, 10312
917 • 660 • 1714

Objective; mine is to offer my passion and talents to a company that will allow me to further refine my skills as an artist. To contribute to a Great team that will consistently push the boundaries of growth and evolution in the art and design industry. I want to give all that I have and take all that I’ll further learn in this career, to create. I am a resourceful, outgoing, efficient, service minded and organized person when it comes to projects and conceptual ideas. If I haven’t learned it already, I am a very quick learner with top-notch Verbal skills and the ability to efficiently carry out said priorities.

Amazing Listers© October - Present
Marketing Company
I design and collaborate with the marketing department to produce professional marketing materials including photos, catalogs, flyers and social media. I create and execute a plan that will effectively project the image of the company and achieve strategic goals. Acute knowledge of Desktop Publishing, Typography and Layout Design is a very important part of my job. I also design Catalogs and the Companies marketing materials.

Pinot’s Palette™ September - Present
Art Entertainment Company
My job responsibilities are to entertain as well as instruct individuals in the fine arts. I store, organize as well as order all art supplies. Other responsibilities include creating party itinerary, hosting fundraisers and an array of special occasion events while teaching clients how to paint and refine their techniques in creating various paintings.

Isaac Morris LTD. 2016 - 2018
Children’s apparel company Senior Apparel Graphic Designer
My job responsibilities are to design Media given by our signed licensors (MARVAL, DC COMICS, DISNEY, UNIVERSAL etc.) To create Artwork that would be placed on all types of children’s apparel. I am asked to work and collaborate with the apparel design team, as well as our licensing teams, alongside out Graphic art department to deliver products and apparel graphics in very tight deadlines for major retail outlets such as (MACY’S, BOXLUNCH, TARGET, WALMART etc.)

Wakefern Corporation™ 2015 - 2016
Maybelline NEW YORK Senior Beauty Advisor
My job responsibilities were to provide knowledge and guidance on proper skin care based on specialized medical conditions, as well as simple cosmetic knowledge and hair care regimens. This job also required me to be a makeup artist working onset and offset with a variety of clientele, with a team of girls I would be responsible for. I would also set up and coordinate events for Beauty Brands and conventions by ordering and setting up floral arrangements, various editorial event favors and the latest Launch Products.

Soulbullet Entertainment™ 2012 - 2015
Sons of Darkness© Graphic novel series Art Director
My job responsibilities were to produce the concept designs of various characters as well as backgrounds, while directing a few other wonderful graphic artists. I ushered them to produce the desktop publishing and typography for the graphic novel series as well as some coloring edit. I was asked to digitally make the content pages and visual campaign advertisement, as well as construct the visual identity for the company and for the graphic novel series.

C.L. Dawes Entertainment™ 2013 - 2015
Ecclesiastes© Graphic novel series Art Director
My Job responsibilities were to reinvent the concept designs and multimedia content for the Graphic Novel series. I was also asked to cultivate campaigns in aiding the advertisement and visual identity of the series issues and installments. A big part of my job responsibilities was to file and create, all traditional and digital pages. As well as all creative assets procured by the great creative team and I.

Apparel Designer
My Job responsibilities were to reinvent old design concepts and to newly produce concept artwork for men and women’s tees and tank tops for a verity of individual costumers, Paternities and sororities houses. I was asked to come up with many Original designs and logos of my own as well. Another part of my job was to organize and save all creative assets Bought by the company.

The Body Shop™ 2012 - 2014
Beauty Advisor • Sales manager
My job responsibilities were to apply fresh new looks on costumers with our all-natural cosmetic products with a warm charismatic attitude towards our costumers. I was asked to overlook all the employee schedules, payroll and training of our other sales representatives. I was asked to promote our skin care lines, beauty advise, while fulfilling my duties as manager and makeup artistry.

River Comics™ 2011 - 2013
Barcode© Graphic Novel series Illustrator • Advertisement
My Job responsibilities were to produce conceptual character designs and visual identity of this graphic novel series. I was also asked to produce the campaign advertisement and visual identity assets of the company. I digitally produced the page content, and file all creative media and assets made by the company and I.


• Skilled in all office Microsoft Programs • Skilled in all creative Adobe suit Programs
• Skilled in UI/UX programs • Illustration (traditional/Digital)
• Photo Retouching • Preparing images for web Design/Printing
• Designing layouts for Ad publishing • Vast Internet Knowledge
• Vast Typography knowledge • Excellent Public speaking skills
• Painting Traditional/Digital • Video editing/set lighting
• Catalogue and editorial layout design

Fashion Design • Apparel Design • Pattern Design • Sculpting
• Photography/Photo Manipulation • Billboard Design • Cartooning • Graphic Design • Typography • Desktop Publishing • Traditional/Graphic Illustration • Book Illustration/Design • Comic Illustration • Painting Oils/Acrylic • Editorial Design • Web Design • Video Editing • Make-up/SFX Artist • Ghost Writing • Logo design • Advertisement Design • Project Management


Associates in Graphic Design 2005 -2007
Woodtobe-Coburn College for the Arts

Bachelors in Graphic Design 2008-2013

High school Diploma
Art & Design High school 2001-2003
Tottenville High school 2003-2005

Reference Contacts
Collin Epstein / Art director, Isaac Morris LTD. (214) 608-2755
Leon Dawns / C.L. Dawes Comics™ (310) 795-2279
Angel Rivera / Tragic entertainment™ (847) 754 - 8877
Marcus Currie / Comic book Writer CEO (615) 456 – 5202
Scott Young / Health food distributor and wellness guru (808)651-9488
Michael Keenan / co-worker, South Pole productions™ / Impractical Jokers (917) 685-8708
Jonathan Bass / NYPD officer (646) 372-8649
Anthony Ruggiero / FDNY firefighter (718) 356-2599


1PL “Penny Dreadful” art contest for SHOWTIME© 2016
1PL “Art of Fashion” 2012-2014 Art of Fashion (Artisans award)
Gallery Show (Williamsburg) 2010 “The Shadow room”
Gallery Show (Bay Ridge) 2011 “Pareidolia”
Gallery Show (Chelsea) 2013 “the Illusion Circus”
Gallery Show (Manhatten) 2016 “Dream wave”
Gallery Show (Staten Island) 2017 “Chroma”

Star Exposure Award 2013 Community at
Broadway Starred in “A Delightful Quarantine” 2014
Accomplished Free Diver
Certified Life Coach
Featured in Exhibition at Octavia Art Gallery New Orleans, LA
Featured in Exhibition at Grey Art Gallery NY

Professional profile

Special Skills:

• Vast Internet Knowledge
• Skilled in all office Microsoft Programs (proof reading, screenplays etc.)
• Skilled in all creative Adobe suit Programs (digital illustration, graphic design, etc.)
• Skilled in additional digital painting programs (background illustration, Art directing, etc.)
• Illustration (traditional/Digital) (comic illustration, character design, fantasy, etc.)
• Photo manipulation/Photo Retouching (head shots, fashion photography, etc.)
• Preparing images for web Design/Printing (website layouts, flash advertisement, etc.)
• Designing layouts for desktop publishing (advertisement, posters, billboards etc.)
• Vast Typography knowledge (books/brochures/editorial, etc.)
• Excellent Public speaking skills (life coach, motivational speaker etc.)
• Painting Traditional/Digital (murals, canvas, story concept illustration etc.)
• Video editing/set lighting (short films, photo shoots, fashion, etc.)

• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Adobe Flash
• Adobe Bridge
• Adobe Movie Maker
• Mac Final cut PRO
• Mac Corel Painter
• Microsoft Photo Impression
• Microsoft Word Mac
• Microsoft Powerpoint Mac
• Microsoft Excel Mac
• IWeb Mac

Additional Work Experience

Kojo’s Heaven Studio Photography© December 04 - July 05
Graphic Designer/Model
Assisted with photo retouching and manipulation, but mostly modeled for advertisements.

Glamor shots photography© October 05 - Decemeber 05
Photographer/Model/Make up artist
Photographer for a short while, but started to train professionally to apply make up professionally on costumers That requested photo shoots. I also modeled for them as well.

Mint Media© Novemember 07 - July 08
Graphic designer/model/Photographer
I was responsible for photo retouching, creating artistic media, shooting photography modeling as well to create surreal images for artistic projects and advertisements for buying customers.

One source Talent Agency© May 08 - Present
Acting off/on Broadway plays such as Delightful Quarantine,
Much ado about nothing and blood and gold.
Modeled at many different venues and shows
such as The art of fashion, FIT open fashion
house, and various ad campaigns both
fashion and commercial.

Pfizer Marketing© January 11 - april 2012
Graphic designer/collaborator
Job duties were to come up with a well
orchestrated and complete ad campaign
design for my Employer for Alka-Seltzer
Plus© and a comic advertisement strip
for ******©.

Highly contagious comic venue© September - December 2012
Comic artist/collaborator
Job reasonability was to create the
artistic media for the written comic
series Highly Contagious© As a business
pitch to MARVEL comics©.

Occupational skills

• Sculpting • Acting
• Painting • Painting
• Writing • Drawing
• swimming • Musician (guitarist)
• Free diving • Martial arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu)
• snowboarding • Singing / vocalist
• surfing • Life Coach
• modeling
Skills (2) Rating
Fantasy Art
Digital Art