Friends (103)

Julia Naurzalijeva

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator, Fantasy Artist, & More

Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
8 Skills
The art, as I see it, is centered around man and is always in dialogue with nature, its most spectacular and prodigious manifestations, like the movement and everyday beauty of a blossoming flower.
All my artistic and personal life I was interested in human character and nuances of human interaction with other people and nature. There is the playing with shadow and light to create a movement and tell a story. My intention is to stir up an array of emotions inside the viewer, from peace, to discomfort, from sadness to happiness. My goal as an artist is to express changing view of beauty and harmony.
My illustrations communicate human values such as love, friendship, compassion, courage and responsibility for others, depicted with respect to historic cultures with existing at that time codes of dress and conducts. My work is inspired by created by them the system of representations of the real and magical realms.
In order to pass to readers a richness of fairy-tales worlds I use Anthropomorphism, attributing human characteristics to forces of nature, animals, mysterious creatures, deities and non-living things.
My inspiration is my upbringing in a family of different and mutually enriching cultures and religions, both European and Asian. My personal and artistic journey is informed by the ideals of openness to otherness, tolerance, and the drive to understand better and more deeply history, culture, literature and different styles of thinking, sensing and expressing the human spirit and intellect.