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Taylor Brown

Freelance Artist & Digital Artist

Location:Houston, Texas, United States
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I am an artist with lots of experience in different styles and mediums. I have soaked in lots of conceptual and compositional knowledge from working at a t-shirt print shop / custom art shop, designing, and I am currently working on my BFA degree in studio art. I have lots of exxperience with ink drawings, pencil drawings, colored pencil drawings, charcoal drawings, sculpting, ceramics, oil painting (pooling, layering, varying strokes and using pallette knifes), and even have some experience in carving. I have 2 years of production experience in screen printing. I tend to have more of an edgy style conceptually, and can also work a lot with vibrant colors, or minimal. I like to do experimental pieces and mixed media. I get my ideas from the way I see the world, and simply what naturally happens while I let loose drawing. I also have experience with photography, and photo editing.
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Digital Art