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Curtis Compton

Freelance Animator & Business Card Designer

Location:Gadsden, Alabama, United States
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There isn't a whole lot to say . I have tried everything except art . when I was in high school I took 4 years of advanced art , everything from silk screen , jewelry design making , pencil , chalk , watercolor . Etc... I love art and made straight A's . I took conventional drafting in the late 70's and Aced that too. Goemetry came natural .My dad said if I graduated High school he would send me to college . When I told him I wanted to be an artist , ALL bets were off . I joined the navy shortly there afterwards and it all went down hill from there . Now I am an out of work framing contractor . Lumber is my medium . I am still extremley creative but a few years have washed under the bridge 31 to be exact . This is all new school to me but I am VERY interested . I have no skill in this NEW age of ART but SRONGLY desire to see if I have what it takes . My finances do not even exist as todays economy has taken that under the bridge as well . If any body would be willing to talk to me it would be GREATLY appreciated .
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Business Card Design