Veronica Correa

Freelance French Translator & Spanish Translator

Location:Richmond, Virginia, United States
2 Skills
Spanish Medical Interpreter and Translator: Ensures precise interlingual written/oral communication in a medical/legal environment by maintaining mental agility and thorough articulation.
Core Qualifications- Active listener, Articulate, Creative, Adaptive

Virginia Commonwealth University 2015
Bachelor of Arts: Spanish
Richmond, VA, USA
Minor in French
French Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
Spanish-English Translation/Interpretation Certificate
Focused on developing a mental agility and velocity to interpret in both consecutive and
simultaneous settings.
Extensive practice of realistic interpreting situations in the medical field.
Strengthened note-taking ability in a consecutive interpreting setting.
Acquired vast knowledge of idiomatic expressions and medical terminology.
Received Award of Excellence in Spanish-English Translation/Interpretation (SETI) at VCU.
Graduated with a 4.0 GPA in SETI

CrossOver Clinic January 2015 to April 2015
Spanish Interpreter
Richmond , VA
As a communicative liaison between the doctor and patient, I applied my knowledge of ethics and protocol of medical interpretation to ensure not only linguistic and tonal accuracy, but comfort for the Spanish-speaking patients.
Interpreted in both consecutive and simultaneous settings.
Maintained a friendly, but professional demeanor to increase my accessibility as an interpreter.

Higher Achievement January 2015 to April 2015
Spanish-speaking representative
Richmond, VA
Contacted parents of young students of the Spanish speaking community to recruit for a prestigious
after school program.
Maintained a preparedness to provide high-volume sight translations of the program's