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My work has appeared in several magazines and news papers across the country.

Though primarily my articles are featured in treasure hunting type magazines I write about a myriad of topics including how-to's, land rights issues, research, history and the outdoors.

Below are a few links to some of my writing samples:

Oath Keepers expose abuse of power by BLM, U.S. Forest Service - Pick & Shovel Gazette

Sheriffs Take Stand Against U.S. Forest Service -Pick & Shovel Gazette

An Introduction To Sanborn Maps For the Treasure Hunter - Treasure Facts Magazine

How To Do Map Research And How It Benefits the Treasure Hunter - Lost Treasure Magazine

Other Published Articles:

Lord of the Rings? -Gold Prospectors, Jan/Feb 2012
How To Keep Metal Detecting Fun -Lost Treasure, February 2012
Copper Nuggets and the not-sostinkin' Lincoln -Pick and Shovel Gazette Volume 24 Number 1
The Lord's Hoard -Gold Prospectors, Mar/Apr 2012
Right On the Button Down Under -Gold Prospectors, Mar/Apr 2012
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