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Freelance Artist & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Hi… I would like to introduce myself...

I am a passionate Artist, Designer and Craftsperson. I have a Studio where I dream my dreams, hoard my tools, and make an abominable mess from which erupt amazing, imaginings and creations…

My first love is drawing, but I am primarily a sculptor and designer-maker. I have an enormous passion for anything and everything that is creative. I have mastered a wide range of skills and don’t ascribe myself to any single discipline. I call myself an ideas artist.. a maker.. a creator.. My work evolves from an idea, which, in itself demands it’s own essential skills, materials and processes to bring it to fruition.

I colour. I draw. I design. I create delightful events and functions. I design and style wonderful weddings. I paint. I scribble. I dabble and doodle. I work with metal. I work with clay. I am deadly with a sewing machine, and a needle and thread. I work with wood. I carve in timber and in stone. I scavenge bountiful supplies from wonderful piles on the side of the road. I make furniture. I weld. I bend wire. I collect rusty bits and pieces and squirrel them away for later. I am not any one thing, as determined by my practiced hand-skills. I am, however, all of the above and more…

I am always eager to learn and to explore new ideas. I work to exceptionally high standards, with the ability to manage and develop projects from the first wobbly scribbles on scrappy bits of paper, through to presenting to clients and final production. I love to hide away and nut something out; and I have the very special ability of being so focused on a project that the real world can completely vanish from existence…

My work is original, unique, quirky, and often whimsical. I am influenced greatly by childhood fancies and imaginings… and also by my experiences and passion for the Australian way of life.

I can find beauty where others cannot see it.

I make magic with things that are useless and discarded. I show people a world lost and forgotten.

I am a Creator and my desire is to create something breathtaking in the world, to make people stop… and wonder in delight.
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Children's Book Illustration