Kaleb Johnson

Freelance Proofreader & Editor

Location:Houston, Texas, United States
Phone: 7139732389
Website: http://mutantreviewers.wordpress.com
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I have an obsessive command of the written language, a borderline-creepy contempt for errors thereof, and, perhaps most importantly, an acquired knack for tedium. It seems working in retail actually does carry some benefit after all!

I'd rate myself above-average in terms of generating original written content, as well. However, I much prefer picking apart what others have already written. As weird as it sounds, I actually enjoy proofreading.

Of late, I've begun branching out into video editing and production. However, until just recently, the equipment and software I've had access to has been utterly skeletal, and in any event, my skill and experience in the field is still fairly limited.

I've also had a long-standing interest in the field of voiceover. But, as I haven't had any real outlet to that end until recently, said interest, a decent voice, and the necessary sense of timing is all I have to offer in that regard.

In terms of being professionally creative, I'll be the first to admit that I am quite the neophyte. But I'm eager to work, eager to learn, and, for the foreseeable future, probably pretty cheap.

In the interest of keeping my resume from being completely self-deprecating, I should mention that I currently write for the movie review site The Mutant Reviewers from Hell (not quite as juvenile as it sounds, but close).
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