David Alvarado

Freelance 3D Animator & UI Designer

Location:Wheaton, Illinois, United States
2 Skills
David E. Alvarado
Wheaton, IL 60189


Character Animation, Object Animation, Modeling, Lip Syncing, FX Animation, Lighting.
6 yrs

UI Design, Website Art Design, Logo Design, Marketing Material Design: PowerPoint Presentations, Brochures Design and Layout, Business Card Designs
4 yrs

Freehand Illustrations: Portraits, Comic Book
5 yrs

Director, Producer, Editing, Screenwriting
8 yrs


Neotick - Art Director June 2008 to Present
Naperville, IL

• Design and Created World & UI for 3D Trading Platform
o Designed and created 3D icons, 3D graphs/charts, transition FX, texture/images, UI design and functionality, 3D model framework implemented to XNA
o Designed structure and user functionality in 3D (XNA) world
• Create Marketing Materials
o Designed and created flow functionality and art content for Website
o Designed and created company logo (2D & 3D)
o Designed style and content for company business cards
o Created 3D animation demo for software being presented to potential clients
o Created and developed informational brochures and collateral for clients
o Put together PowerPoint presentations for marketing team.
• Create trading strategies and back testing for implementation in Software Program
o Using E-signal: Created strategies from existing formulas seeking different entrance and exit points by changing variables and mixing combinations of indicators/oscillators
o Using in house E-signal made API, tested strategies against historical data
• Mediator for outsourced projects in Marketing
o Liaison for multimedia group to produce vision of designed website
o Directed printing press in production, style and stock for business cards

Clear Drain Industries – Consultant Feb 2009 to Mar 2009
Huntley, IL

• Created an animated infomercial for a patent pending plumbing product: CD1030
o Modeled the CD1030, along with sink and plumbing for example animation
o Animated mini scenes: Assembly, 2 example animations of how product works
o Edited animated scenes with music and voice over for final infomercial

Healthplace America – Consultant Jan 2008 to Feb 2008
Lisle, IL

• Develop marketing collateral for sales and marketing teams to be presented worldwide.
o Using Microsoft Visio: Created flow charts/graphs of the process of medical financial/operational procedures from patient to hospital.
• Create artwork and templates of sales process and products
o Created cover and promotional art for presentations
o Created PowerPoint presentation of marketing/sales synopsis

O.N.E. – Artist June 2005 to Mar 2009
Wheaton, IL

• Develop/Design Webpage, CD and Marketing Artwork.
o Created art content to be implemented in website
o Created CD cover for Album
o Designed brochures and other promotional art work to be presented during/after concerts
• Responsible for video productions.
o Using Adobe Premiere: Take recorded video and edit to promotional videos
o Dubbing recorded music into videos for music videos
o Create simple DVD options for finalized videos

The Answer - Multimedia Artist Oct 2007 to Apr 2008
Joliet, IL

• Branding and Developed logo
• Produced/Edited video productions
o Shot sessions of services for themed subjects
o Using Adobe Premiere: Edit recorded videos
o Create simple DVD options for finalized videos

Wheaton EV Free Church - Multimedia Artist Nov 2006 to Dec 2007
Wheaton, IL

• Produced and developed videos for live drama productions, concerts and promotional videos.
o Shot sessions of services, dramas, and concerts
o Directed promotional drama videos used in live productions
o Using Adobe Premiere: Edit recorded videos
o Create simple DVD options for finalized videos

Babaroga Studio LLC - Artist/Animator Aug 2005 to Nov 2006
Chicago, IL

• Responsible for all art aspects and creations:
o 2D animation
o 3D animation and modeling
o Designing and concept art
o Functionality and flow of game experience/sequences
• Responsible for published mobile games using programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Maya, 3D Studio Max

“Disney’s Muppets Puzzle Party”
2D Character Animation, Character Design, Background Art, Game play Design, UI design, Clean up

“EA Sim City”
3D/2D Art, 2D Animation, UI Development

“Disney’s Meet the Robinsons”
2D Animation, Conceptual Design, Background Art, UI Art, Effects Art

“EA Spore”
2D/3D Animation, Concept design

“Motorola EA Mobile Madden 06 UI”
3D Background Art, 3D Object Modeling/Animation, Texturing, Lighting, UI, Functionality, Concept

“DOWNTOWN Texas Hold ‘Em”
3D Background Art, Rendering

“DOWNTOWN Three Card Poker”
2D Clean Up Art

“EA/JAMDAT Air Hockey”
2D Clean Up Art, Rendering

Independent Films:

Co-Producer, Co-Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Co-Producer, Director, Editor, Lead Animator
Maya, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop

Director, Writer, Actor
Animator, Editor, Choreographer, Cinematographer
Maya, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop

Software Programs
Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Microsoft PowerPoint,
Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Excel

2000 - 2005 Columbia College Chicago
Chicago, IL
Computer Animation Major (BA)
Skills (2) Rating
3D Animation
UI Design