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Cedric King

Freelance Photo Editor & Event Photographer

Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
Phone: 7732721979
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My name is Cedric and let me start by stating the obvious I am a artist that happens to be artistic in the areas of photography and videography. Anybody with a DSLR can call themselves a photographer with that being said you will probably receive a million responds bidding on this gig.


Well that's easy allow me to explain. As you sift thru your email full of impostors looking to make a quick buck or students whom are trying to build a name but basically have the similar intentions or you may even luck up and get a professional with experience to reply but their service would not be cheap!
This is how I differ #1 I actually care about the work that I do which is the best you could ask for any service in life you may render, that is someone like me whom are passionate about their craft!
#2 I am punctual (this speaks volumes for those who like fast turn-arounds) and honest. #3 I am professional in ethics, with that being said here goes my cover story:

History in photography/video

I have always been inspired by creativity and after working in the corporate world of att mobility for the past 5yrs as a top sales rep only to get laid-off; I decided to take my hobby and turn it into an profession. I've always been enthused by the Bokeh look and understand photography is more than snapping the shutter. I have been to video seminars and photography workshops to enhance my skills. In 2011 I attended a video training center and received a certificate in video editing and compositing. I am also a member of where I actively seek training. As any editor will say this is true that I haven't stop learning due to the constant updates in linear editing software but my passion to learn more still burns. As I stated earlier photography is a hobby of mine but my professional work history involves 3 weddings, 100's of parties, 5 concerts, 25 portraits, 9 music videos, 2 album covers, 4 grad & class pictures and counting.


• Extremely well organized and capable of managing several projects simultaneously
• Detail-oriented and passionate about maintaining production schedules
• Outstanding communication skills
• Ability to handle the pressure of a demanding and deadline-oriented workplace
• Creative concept skills and a passion for excellence in video storytelling
• Ability to execute ideas quickly and thoroughly to meet deadlines
• Willingness to learn new or expand technical capabilities
• Excellent organizational skills and an attention to detail



• Final Cut Pro X
• Abobe Affects & Premier CS5
• Photoshop CS5
• Lightroom CS3
• Aperture 3
• RedGiant Suite
• Pro Tools 8.5
• Logic Pro 9


• Canon T2i and EOS Rebel
• Canon HM40
• Nikon nikkor 50mm
• Canon USM 75-200mm, 85mm
• Canon EF 18-55mm
• Tamron speedlite, and ND filters
• 1000w continuous light kit 5500k
• 2 160 LED lights
• 7" HD1080p monitor
• 2 500w strobe lights w/Soft-boxes
• Hn40 Zoom 4trk recorder
• 4 lavaliere microphone set w/4ch receiver
• Tripods, dolly, shoulder mounts, and jib

So unlike everybody else responding whether they are just trying to bid to score or are truly professionals, choosing me will be in your favor. Although I look to get paid I am very reasonable with my price truthfully speaking 80% of what I'll charge will be product or print cost (if requested), and transportation. Until I get my portfolio where it needs to be I am sincerely working for the love of the art.

Here's a sample of what I've done since I switch from hobbyist to semi-pro:
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Photo Editing
Event Photography