Corey Batchelor

Freelance Graphic Designer & Cartoonist

Location:Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Phone: (770) 352-4205
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I first want to inform you that I am not a robot, but an actual graphic designer, fine artist, and illustrator cause I spent a ton of money to go to school to get a sheet of paper that tells me so. My name is Corey 'Opey Bobo' Batchelor. When I am not doing graphic design, which is rare, I am usually training in MMA, beaching it up, or relaxing with a nice Snake Bite. I am a hard worker, but also believe if you work hard, you deserve to relax... hard.. you get my point.

Now, for the all about me section/brag story for a minute. I am a graduate of the prestigious Flagler College in beautiful Saint Augustine, FL which is often mistaken for Hogwarts School of Wizardry. While there I obtained degrees in Graphic Design and Fine Art, with an Illustration Minor. I am the recipient of the Flagler College Art Departmental Award, (brag) which is given to the one student in each department that excels in their area of study. I was the Creative Director/Founding Designer at an up and coming mobile phone application company. I created the everything from the logo and branding, website, ads, app interface and yada yada yada. The app is currently available on the android market and is completely free, unfortunately. Now I am the Events Creative Designer at Box Seat clothing. I specialize in T-Shirt designs for Championship events, but also do shirts for pretty much any type of sports event, mainly NCAA. I have also designed for Rolling Stone, Paramount, and the New York MTA recently while working with Box Seat. I am not at a place where I have some extra free time here and there and I would like to set up some clients for Freelance work. I hope I have not bored you and your excited to see the end of this email so you can gaze at my current works and shoot me an email back to chat. Enjoy your day, All Day Every Day.

Here is my portfolio:

Here is My blog, and check out my twitter, I try to stay up to date on it.
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