Ben O'Bree

Freelance Photo Editor & Brochure Designer

Location:Buff Pt, New South Wales, Australia
Phone: 0408486862
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I left Turramurra High School in 1983 with a not so great result in my HSC then I took a Graphic Design course, School of Visual Art, Crown St, Sydney, then I got a Diploma in Interactive Multi Media, from Crows Nest TAFE in 2001 with with credits for photoshop.
I currently use CS4 InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, to create graphics for print, and Dreamweaver to create websites ( and I am learning how to use Flash for animation.

Having grown up with a mum, grandfather and great grandfather who were all artists I have been exposed to art and music for my whole life as my grandfather used to make and play his own guitar's and banjo's as well. So when I left school the hardest thing was deciding if I wanted to be in art, fashion, film or music. Luckily my Dad decided moving up the coast and painting for a living probably wasn't the best idea. So off I went to the School of Visual Art, Crown St, Sydney to get some qualifications in commercial art, after a year learning how to create storyboards, illustrate and shoot a bromide I got myself a job doing finished art at a small agency in North Sydney called Livingstone Vale Wells (LVW), then onto the Standards Association of Australia where it was more finished art with some design and illustration, but a very different work environment from an ad agency, I now knew an ad agency would suit me a lot better.
Soon after this the Apple MacIntosh Classic came out and my new goal was to work with them as soon as possible, to this end I got myself a job with my old Creative Director from LVW shooting bromides and doing finished art, but he was also using Freehand and Pagemaker to create artwork and set his own type. I was on my way.

The short story is that I have been working as a commercial artist for the past 25 years designing and creating artwork and with the advent of Mac and the new software coming out I can now do film, art and music all in the one place. I have always had an interest in music and have played congas and bongos in a couple of bands over the years, we never really had much success but it is an experience that has given me an insight as to how create music using garage band software. I also did an introduction to Jazz Guitar at the Con in Sydney and regularly get out my djembe and join in the local drum circle. I now live on the Central Coast, NSW and share my place with two Border Collies who let me stay as long as I keep the tummy rubs and food coming. Apart from creating commercial art I also do abstract work, mostly in PS and have sold work at an exhibition I held with other artists, apart from this I have started sculpting in wood and hebel brick and have posted work on Red Bubble and Deviant Art.

Please check out my portfolio images to view some of my latest work.

I started at Armstrongs Advertising in 88 and left in 90 and was a Senior Finished Artist/Mac Operator designing and producing position vacant ads to appear in major metro papers and co-ordinated work through the studio for Crown & Anchor printing, but more importantly it was where I really got some experience on the Mac.

Then it was off to Adcell where I produced all artwork for the agency on the Mac and was involved in design, conceptual think tanks and introducing the art directors and designers to Mac technology and software.

I then landed at Online Design for three years where I worked on a wide range of accounts from corporate image to packaging, one of my responsibilities was producing artwork for Woolworths Catalogues, this required liaison with both the client and their design/production company. While at Online I also worked on projects ranging from press ads and posters to slide & paper presentations an started doing hi-res retouching as photoshop had now taken over from Paintbox and was moving ahead as far as market share went.

Then off to John Singleton Advertising for more Mac work and hi-end retouching which came to a halt due to budget restrictions. I then got lucky and got myself a job as Studio Head at Saatchi & Saatchi I worked primarily on the David Jones Account for their retail division, Team Saatchi. As we had to set up a new studio and computer system I took on the role of Studio Head and it became my responsibility to ensure the system was maintained and running efficiently. I was also responsible for producing up to 30 ads per week for both magazines and newspapers. Along with ads I also worked very closely with their creative teams to create full colour catalogues, account enclosures and a wide variety of small projects. While being primarily employed to work on retail clients I helped out the mainstream agency with some of their projects, due to the nature of the business I was also asked to work on some pitches, these included ALP, Toyota, Vodafone & David Jones, which we won.

I started to think about setting up my own graphic design business about this time so I took a position as a Graphic Designer/Production Manager at Worldwide Online Printing where I had the opportunity to develop my communication skills as it involved direct client contact with the client for quoting print work, taking briefs, and ongoing liaison. In conjunction with designing the print work I was also responsible for ensuring quality of the print job and keeping all parties informed of all developments, from client sign off of proof, to the delivery of the printed material. The opportunity to buy a franchise was on the table but I didn't quite have the funds so I declined the offer and moved on.... IdeaWorks where I was involved with a wide variety of projects ranging from press campaigns to Logo design. While having to work to very tight deadlines I also had to maintain the quality of the artwork and jump from client to client and piece to piece. The projects I was involved in are many and varied. Angus & Coote Annual report 2000 and POS • Talon Packaging, Bus sides, bus interiors and POS • Wonderland Bus sides, POS • Thrifty Yellow pages ads, billboards, magazine, press ads and truck livery • Michel’s Patisserie, flyers posters and various bits and pieces • Barbecues Galore, press ads, POS, and catalogues • VW press campaign • Daewoo press campaigns 2000/2001. While working on these and other clients I have
used Quick Cut for electronic delivery to publications and a plotted jobs on a large format printer as well as Hi-res retouching and Illustration.

Before leaving Sydney I worked at Snap Printing where I was responsible for all studio work. This included producing artwork and some design for all client requests and working with the files sent to us by clients for output to film from various file formats, and producing digital printing from pdf, QuarkExpress, InDesign, Word or Powerpoint. I also liased with clients over the phone, taking instructions for alterations to their artwork.

Between full-time work I freelanced and have had the opportunity to work on many different projects including packaging (Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Sunbeam, Coca-Cola, Smith Kline-Beecham,Tooheys), Point of Sale (KFC, Energizer Batteries, Coca-Cola), Corporate Communication (CSR, Pro Sport), Retail Catalogue (Dick Smith Electronics, Interim Technology Services, Promotional Partners Christmas Catalogue), Advertising (Perpetual Trustees, Harley Davidson Motorcycles).
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