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William Michael Mchugh

Freelance Fantasy Artist, Book Illustrator, & More

Location:Florence, Oregon, United States
Phone: 541-997-4980
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WOW! I just realized I have been creating, designing, and building all kinds of fun projects for 50 years! Working in so many different media and now VR. Too cool!

ALL videos in all these portfolio selections are made in a real-time environment that you can walk around in.

At the bottom of this page are page numbers that link to 9 pages of my other projects and work.

Every day is a new chance to explore amazing fun technology. My first real job, at 19 was working in a typesetting shop that used steel type and hot lead typesetting machines. Cherry Hill Composition, across the bridge from Philly. We were working on Ray Bradbury books for Random House in New York City. I shoveled lead slugs, melted and poured ingots and ran a proof press and always kept my eye on the"Machine". The incredible Linotype machine. What an intricate machine! A mechanical computer! Google it! The place was alive and the people were brilliant! Amazing changes to live through.

This site features almost 200 samples of my work, some with many artists involved, on almost 10 pages. The first few pages are all real-time animation productions and tests, as well as my VR museum and resort project.

Currently developing projects in my Virtual Production Studio that are going from "VIRTUAL REALITY" to "REALITY" ..absolutely exciting process!!!!!!! Working with some incredible programmers, artists, and designers in a virtual environment from around the world.

R&S Production Services 2012-2014 : Contract Creative Producer / Show Designer. Co-created and developed Kahramaa Awareness Park Ride and Show "The Seven Worlds of Qatora". A whimsical yet scientific story about the life cycle of water featuring characters from the Kahramaa Awareness Park in Doha, Qatar. Supervised the animation production and managed and directed the Virtual development of the project in my Virtual Production Studio.
Working closely with the project director John Matthews.

The Kahramaa Awareness Park will also feature a new 360/3D Dome theater Designed by R&S Production Services Inc.

Seems like a great place to show one's work. I have done a few things in my life and have had a lot of fun for the most part. I really like to create and explore ideas that are fun and exciting and then see them become real. I am blown away by what can be done today with all this great technology. I do like to start with a pencil and a brush though. I wish I was just starting out again.

The pieces I have included on this page represent a very small selection from many different types of projects. Most of the big projects involve many different people working together to accomplish a dream.

I like to create highly complex engaging projects that push the envelope and are outside the box.

After 30 plus years I still have, a burning desire to continue and have been creating and exploring new exciting technology breakthroughs that are truely amazing.

NEW>>>>>> I have added a video to my portfolio that I created. I put it up as a small homage to Engineering Giants like Ed Feuer, Bill Watkins, Dave Schweninger, Kent Bingham, John Zovich, Vern Preston, Bob Gurr, Dave Toyne, Bill Novey, Mac Macelravy and Robert Ward and so many more amazing minds that I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. They have brought so much "Techno-tainment" to the world with little or no credit. I say "Thank you".

And I must thank my special mentor and teacher Maury Hurt.
NEW>>>>>> Solari Glass video, we make glass gifts by hand in our studios in Oregon.
NEW>>>>>> This new video is one I created for the Sea Lion Caves. Please enjoy and visit if you come to the Oregon Coast.


This video is one I wrote produced and directed for Ride & Show Engineering when I was working for them as their Director of Show Production. During my time at Ride & Show I brought in and helped close over 3 million dollars worth of business. In the video you will also see several attractions and show action equipment elements that I helped create and design during my time as show designer and art director for MCA Universal.