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William Michael Mchugh

Freelance Fantasy Artist, Book Illustrator, & More

Location:Florence, Oregon, United States
Phone: 541-997-4980
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WOW! I just realized I have been creating,designing and building all kinds of fun projects for 50 years! Working in so many different media and now VR. Too cool!

Every day is a new chance to explore amazing fun technology. My first real job, at 19 was working in a typesetting shop that used steel type and hot lead typesetting machines. Cherry Hill Composition, across the bridge from Philly. We were working on Ray Bradbury books for Random House in New York City. I shoveled lead slugs, melted and poured ingots and ran a proof press and always kept my eye on the"Machine". The incredible Linotype machine. What an intricate machine! A mechanical computer! Google it! The place was alive and the people were brilliant! Amazing changes to live through.

This site features almost 200 samples of my work, some with many artists involved, on almost 10 pages. The first few pages are all real-time animation productions and tests, as well as my VR museum and resort project.

Currently developing projects in my Virtual Production Studio that are going from "VIRTUAL REALITY" to "REALITY" ..absolutely exciting process!!!!!!! Working with some incredible programmers, artists, and designers in a virtual environment from around the world.

R&S Production Services 2012-2014 : Contract Creative Producer / Show Designer. Co-created and developed Kahramaa Awareness Park Ride and Show "The Seven Worlds of Qatora". A whimsical yet scientific story about the life cycle of water featuring characters from the Kahramaa Awareness Park in Doha, Qatar. Supervised the animation production and managed and directed the Virtual development of the project in my Virtual Production Studio.
Working closely with the project director John Matthews.

The Kahramaa Awareness Park will also feature a new 360/3D Dome theater Designed by R&S Production Services Inc.

Seems like a great place to show one's work. I have done a few things in my life and have had a lot of fun for the most part. I really like to create and explore ideas that are fun and exciting and then see them become real. I am blown away by what can be done today with all this great technology. I do like to start with a pencil and a brush though. I wish I was just starting out again.

The pieces I have included on this page represent a very small selection from many different types of projects. Most of the big projects involve many different people working together to accomplish a dream.

I like to create highly complex engaging projects that push the envelope and are outside the box.

After 30 plus years I still have, a burning desire to continue and have been creating and exploring new exciting technology breakthroughs that are truely amazing.

NEW>>>>>> I have added a video to my portfolio that I created. I put it up as a small homage to Engineering Giants like Ed Feuer, Bill Watkins, Dave Schweninger, Kent Bingham, John Zovich, Vern Preston, Bob Gurr, Dave Toyne, Bill Novey, Mac Macelravy and Robert Ward and so many more amazing minds that I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. They have brought so much "Techno-tainment" to the world with little or no credit. I say "Thank you".

And I must thank my special mentor and teacher Maury Hurt.
NEW>>>>>> Solari Glass video, we make glass gifts by hand in our studios in Oregon.
NEW>>>>>> This new video is one I created for the Sea Lion Caves. Please enjoy and visit if you come to the Oregon Coast.


William Michael McHugh
Phoenix Entertainment / Anvil Productions, Inc / Michael McHugh LLC.
FlexTek-Media LLC.
Solari Glass
P.O. Box 1033
Florence, Oregon 97439

This video is one I wrote produced and directed for Ride & Show Engineering when I was working for them as their Director of Show Production. During my time at Ride & Show I brought in and helped close over 3 million dollars worth of business. In the video you will also see several attractions and show action equipment elements that I helped create and design during my time as show designer and art director for MCA Universal.

It was a thrill to then work closely with Ed Feuer and Bill Watkins and all the engineers, during the actual fabrication of these, then state of the art attractions that I helped create.

Phoenix Entertainment, FlexTek-Media LLC.
Anvil Productions, Inc.

Michael McHugh : 1992 to present- Owner, Producer-creator/ Director/ Production designer engaged in the creation and design of themed entertainment projects and interactive entertainment software products via producing, directing, scripts, design documentation, storyboards, illustrations (brush, PhotoShop) 3D computer graphics (3D Studio, Max), Current Real-time development tools, plans, layouts, project breakdowns, project budgets, software programming, production management.


Interactive Immersive Museum Concept 2018:
Inspirational strategic planning and concept design of a 20k sq. ft. Immersive interactive museum. Target budget 10 to 18 million.

Vortex Immersion Media 2017-18: Worked closely with immersive experience designer/producer Ed Lantz in various projects including modeling of large-scale projection mapped spaces including domes, tents and theaters. Includes conceptual design, modeling, animating, VR pre-visualization, metaverse and server development.

Morris Cerullo Campus 2017: FlexTek-Media LLC. Creative design and development of 28 foot LED “Globe” for the new San Diego campus. Developed globe design including budget and production strategy.
Budget 1.7 million USD.

City of Florence Oregon 2016: Urban renewal concept design study. Responsible for all design from site plan studies to facilities design and area development studies including development of all 3D environment building renderings and animations. Developed a detailed ROM (rough order of magnitude) concept budget and spreadsheet and worked hard to maintain a responsible “budget” focused design direction. This project was developed entirely in VIRTUAL REALITY in my VR Production Studio and all renderings and animations were rendered in real-time. VR tours are available via Skype just call or email me.

Michael McHugh: 2012 to present, Private virtual world development of Open Simulator VR Science museum and VR resort, complete with educational exhibits and real-world shopping from the VR environment.

Ready to help other design teams develop their projects in real-time.

Anvil Projects: During the past 8 years I have created and developed several VR simulator projects to help promote this new way of working. I now have a fully functioning VR Museum and shopping resort complete with real-time real-world shopping and meeting sites with streaming video and museum exhibits including a full-sized mock-up of the ISS ( International Space Station). All the exhibits are designed to educate guests on the science behind life and hopefully help create new “stewards” of the planet.

FlexTek-Media LLC. this company in 2016 after negotiating exclusive world wide rights for Flexi-LED technology for use in dome theater configurations. Created and developed many new configurations for the “mini LED dome” to bring to market and created the “Al Wasl” Full SPHERE” dome project as a special stand alone visitor center / attraction for the Dubai Expo 2020 project.

R&S Production Services 2012-2014 : Contract Creative Producer / Show Kahramaa Awareness Park: Doha, Qatar:
Show designer, creative producer Co-created and developed Kahramaa Awareness Park Ride and Show "Qatora's Marvelous Water Adventure" A whimsical yet scientific story about the life cycle of water featuring characters from the Kahramaa Awareness Park. Supervised the animation production and managed and directed the Virtual development of the project in my Virtual Production Studio.

Solari Glass: Founded this company in 2000 to create, manufacture and market fine glass gifts and glass fine art pieces.

Just Wright Books : 2013, Partner, Illustrator, Publisher, Editor. Adventures at Boomer's Pond series. Stella the Baby Sea Lion at Sea Lion Caves and Sasquatch Adventures.

Sea Lion Caves: 2011-2013, produced and directed the development of new interpretative experience using hand held devices and HD displays. Directed the procurement, reconfiguration and installation of POS and WS networks with 20 computers and peripherals. : 2012 Co-created and developed the “iFUN”/“FUN”) 360 WWW marketing experience, Lead grant writer and project co-creator, producer and director. To date over 30 thousand visitors have come explore Florence Oregon from almost every country on earth. It has proven to be a great trip planner.

R&S Production services: 2011-2012, Co-created and developed three new ride attractions via scripts storyboards and technical direction. Each ride features the state of the art in computer interactive solutions and ride systems.

R&S Production Services: 2009/2010, “Ocean Adventure” Creative and Technical Director for the master plan creation and design of a 20,000 square foot virtual aquarium and entertainment center. Created, via scripts, story panels, diagrams, production budgets, hardware specification and software direction a total of 35 interactive exhibits including a 3D stereoscopic theater and 4D motion base theater. Budget Approx. 20 million dollars.

Ride and Show Engineering: 2002, Produced and directed the creation and development of 2 real-time interactive rides. Developed all the graphics software and show systems software code base including the motion control software for the motion base systems. Specified all the rack-mounted computer systems. Fifty percent equity owner of all software produced for both projects. Budget 500k

Robert Morris Architect: 3-D construction and animation of 14,000 sq.ft. residence in Sedona Arizona. Designed 200k themed pool and spa area.
Sea Lion Caves: Producer/director of interpretive video theater for their 70th anniversary project.
Solari Glass: Designed and produced 2 large-scale glass vessels for Disney and a new attraction in Tokyo Japan. Insured value 25k.
Sea Lion Caves: Creative development consultant for new business expansion.
Ride and Show Engineering, Mayan Treasures: concept design for a 20,000 sq.ft. dark ride attraction for R&S engineering and the Lotte Corporation.
Swift Design: 3D project development for retail stores for Wal-Mart and Kodak.
Indy 500: concept design for a 25,000 sq.ft. virtual racing entertainment center and traveling show.
Smithsonian Institute: concept brainstorming for a new 20,000 sq.ft. Interactive exhibit.
RCA dome: concept design and preliminary engineering for a unique 10,000 sq.ft.helium sign.
Bluebird interactive attraction: Tokyo Japan, Producer /director for all animation footage.
Fukushima Power Plant: Producer/Director of an interpretive computer animated video.
Electronic Arts: Hunting game interface design and concept development
Fairy Tales: concept development for a 25,000 sq.ft. dark ride attraction in Tokyo, Japan
Ride and Show engineering, Alien Encounter: concept design for a 300 seat live action show in Taiwan.

Star Siege: Dynamix, a real-time space shoot-em-up for Sierra on line.
Pro-Pilot : a real-time IBM Flight simulator for Sierra on line; responsible for all 3D architectural constructions and building texture maps for the entire United States and Europe. Budget 130k

All Dogs go to Heaven: MGM TV Series background design and layout.
Space World: Master plan re-design and development, Dream Makers, Tokyo, Japan approx. budget 50 million.
Hercules: children’s book illustration, Golden apple publications.
Pinball: Dynamix, concept development and character development
Aqua Wonderland: concept master plan for a 300 million dollar park and mall in Tokyo, Japan for FR&S. and the Lotte Corporation.

City of Las Vegas, Tower of Power: paid competition for a concept of a giant ten story 10 million dollar gaming machine; city of Las Vegas Fremont street rehab. Budget 40k

Lost Land: concept design for a 20,000 sq.ft. Dinosaur ride attraction for Tokyo Japan.
Robert Morris Architect: 3-D construction and animation of 6,000 sq.ft. Residence.
American Pipe Organ Museum: designer
Edge: Attraction and master plan consultant, 25,000 sq.ft. F.E.C. project for the Portland Trail Blazers
Superman and Waterworld: created two new concepts for thrill attractions for MCA Universal.
Renegade: Creator proprietary virtual reality flight simulators and theaters.

LTD Bus Terminal Eugene, Or.: W.G.B.S. aia., 3D environment and terminal construction and animation.
OBEC Engineering, Ferry Street Bridge: 3D construction studies for two bridge projects.
Paramount Parks: concept development and 3D studies for “Sitcom Nightclub”
Downtown development: 3D studies for the City of Eugene, Or., Plaza and Charnelton Street,
Astoria aquatic facility: 3D studies for Robertson and Sherwood aia.
Times Square Virtual Reality Entertainment Center: XS New York, concept development
Major League Baseball: retail shops, Mobius Inc. Kodak: 12,000 sq.ft. retail center, Mobius Inc.
Speed Racer: concept development for a Sega game for Radical Entertainment.
Game development concepts include: Tiny Monsters, Pirates, Thingamabots, Bow Hunter, Sundogs, Demonstar, Uncle Harry, Atlantis, Iceworks and Dragon Flight.
Dynamix : '91-'93, Art Director -computer game development

Responsible for the visual development and production of IBM compatible computer games. Specifically, "Betrayal at Krondor", via production planning ( budget and scheduling), storyboards, character design, scene design, film and video production and computer graphics production.

Sequoia Creative: '90, Director of Show Design

Directed the creative development of entertainment projects via scripts, storyboards, ride and attraction layouts, illustrations and preliminary budgets. These projects included "The World of New York" ( World Trade Center), "Clark Quay"(Singapore), Six Flags, and the "Mirage" concept project.
Budget range: 10 to 15 million

Ride and Show Engineering: '88, ‘90 Director of show production / Senior Show Designer

Created and Developed entertainment projects via scripts, storyboards, illustrations, ride layouts, and budgets. These included "Leofoo Village"(Taiwan R.O.C.) Hired HHCP and worked closely with Brooks Weiss to create and program all attractions, shows and rides,"Denbies"(U.K.) and MCA's "Cliff-hangers". Worked closely with Bill Watkins, Vice President of engineering, in the creation of several unique ride and show action equipment systems. Developed and successfully co-negotiated the "Denbies" contract worth 1.2 million dollars. Helped define design and secure the first “Ball Machine” contract for the Hong Kong museum of science.
Budget range: 1.2 to 450 million

Universal Studios Hollywood: '86,'88, Show Designer / Art Director

“Miami vice Action Spectacular" Co-developed and created the storyline and action scenario for this 2.5 acre 3,000 seat outdoor attraction. Created gags and show stunts including mechanical concepts for certain pieces of show action equipment like the run-away mine car. Designed and directed the design of the entire set, from topographic studies, set buildings, to landscaping. Interfaced with the architect, structural engineer, general contractor, set builders, special effects vendors, and show action equipment engineers and manufacturers. Helped develop the show set budget and show set RFP and acted as on site set installation supervisor. Budget: 6 million

Universal Studios Florida: '88, Show Designer / Art Director

"E.T." (the ride) Supervised and directed a team of storyboard artists, set designers, ride layout designers, character designers, illustrators, sculptors, and model builders in the development of this 50,000 square foot attraction. Interfaced with the architect, special effects vendors, set builders, lighting and sound designers, animated figure vendors and ride manufacturer during the concept development, schematic and design development phases of this project. Helped develop the target show budget and worked to maintain a responsible approach to design.
Budget: 38 million

"Jaws" (the ride) Acted as the in-house show design consultant for the development of this large scale out-door attraction. Co-developed the ride layout, timing plan, and created several of the show gags from creative concept level to mechanical concept studies.
Budget: 28 million

"King Kong" (the ride) functioned primarily as the creature designer for this project. Supervised the range of motion studies, sculpted the maquettes used to manufacture the full sized 40 foot tall figures and worked closely with the audio animatronic engineers and helped create the animated airbag technology.
Budget: 3 million (creatures only)

"Animal Actors" Served as creature designer. Directed the design and sculpting of the alligator and helped develop mechanical concept studies.

"Hanna Barbera" Creative development show designer. Created and directed the development of this 20,000 square foot project from concept storyboards to schematic design. Interfaced with potential vendors for the ride system and interactive area.
Budget: 10 to 15 million

"Lagoon Show" Free-lance creative design consultant and show designer.
Worked closely with Hal Needham and MCA Vice President Terry Winnick in the creation and development of this large scale stunt extravaganza for the central lagoon of the Florida project. Created and developed the show scenario, script, storyboards, mechanical show action equipment concepts, show set plan, and action diagrams.
Budget: 10 million

"King Kong II" Created and developed the concept design for an alternative ride concept for the King Kong venue.

"Mechanoid" Created and developed the concept design for an alternative ride concept for "Battlestar Galactica".

Australian International Licensing Inc.: '86, Project Director / Art Director
Created and produced toy and product concepts via scripts storyboards and illustrations. Clients included Mattel, and Worlds of Wonder.

Hanna Barbera Productions: '85,'86 Senior Designer-Team Director
Designed characters and environments for 60 episodes of the "Go-Bots" and the "Rocklords" feature film.

Make-up Effects Lab.: ‘84 Designer Sculptor for several creature film effects. “Pirates of Penzance”, “Neon Maniacs”.

DIC: ’83 Background designer 13 episodes for the ABC series “Pole Position”.

A.Carroll Design Studios: '82, Designer
Responsible for the three-dimensional design package for the "Marketplace" a multi-million dollar shopping center in Bay Hills, Orlando Florida. Designed their hallmark clock tower and storefronts and acted as the owners on site design supervisor.
Budget: 12 million

Ten years owner operator of production studios engaged in the business of museum exhibit design and fabrication, interior design and construction, leather work, fine art painting, silk screen and stone lithographic print making.