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I am a world traveler and have immersed myself in many cultures and languages my entire life. I own a travel agency located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon and have been very successful determining my clients desires and needs when traveling due to my depth of knowledge and hold many industry Master Certifications, including Master Luxury Specialist among others.

However, I have been writing in many forms for over 30 years and find that my many experiences worldwide and throughout my lifetime enhance the creativity of this particular form of expression and art form. One of my businesses, my most passionate love, is Black Dragon Studios, where freelance writers, ghostwriters, proofreaders, editors, illustrators, animators and animation, graphic novels, comic book series, novels and book series and all things inclusive of creative passion are embraced with joy.

We at Black Dragon Studios are here to assure that everyone who wishes to share a part of themselves with the reading public has the very best of what we have to offer. We have many, many art, translation and writing teams available to help make your project the very best it can be and thus shine your light into the darkness, we believe that is what every passionate creator, no matter the medium, are here on this wonderful world of ours to do. Express your true-heart and with open mind and heart, create passionately, and let the reins of your imagination fly free, oui?!

I have been involved for the past year as a ghostwriter for a project whose main ideas and necessary points were given to me via many interviews and collaboration with an author who has spent over a decade of her life researching everything about what people are doing to the planet, our devastating impact on wildlife, plant life, the land, our rapacious effect on food supplies, fresh and salt water, our consistent addition to the harmful effects of air pollution, which all lead to this lesson: If we do not create change now, then we are the problem and we may rest assured that our current path will lead to the complete devastation and destruction of the planet and thus ourselves.

There is an entire room full of research files, important movies and interview tapes, computer hard and flash drives, books, etc., devoted entirely to this project. As I am sure you can tell, this is a very involved, ongoing project of epic proportions that will take a few years to complete and the author of this book series has given me free rein to take all of this knowledge and express these realities in an interesting and entertaining way. We call this project a 'mythological fantasy, based in reality '.

She has also given me permission to share some excerpts from this book series with the different, myriad people who reside on this world via whatever means I choose. Some of these include, of course: the internet; sharing and collaborating with other writers, artists and far-seers; and working with organizations who are trying to make change and enlightenment happen around the world.

I also chose to share some of this knowledge and creative expression with other freelancers: independent people who have open hearts and minds; for there are so many among us who look with eyes that can truly see, minds that create wonderful forms of art; who think critically, thereby extending our thought processes into the many realms that are both real and imagined.

I feel that these excerpts and graphics will hold more meaning, most especially to all people who are passionate in whatever medium they choose to express their innermost hearts and selves. I am sure that we all realize that we each need to be considerate, conscious caretakers of this beautiful world upon which we live.

As you can tell from my portfolio and profile page, we are already hired to ghostwrite, proofread and edit a rough draft submitted to us by a fairly new client. It is but one of many projects we are working on. We shall always be open to new clients, ideas, creative financing (by contract if you so wish), and are available to meet your needs with carefully chosen teams and/or individuals as the needs arise.

I also have over 10 years experience in designing everything from logos to graphic images to promotional ideas for businesses. (I also owned a successful graphic design business called Black Tie Graphics for over 10 years and I utilize my skill-sets from that to enhance my writing, especially fantasy and mythological epics.)

My latest venture is in custom designed jewelry utilizing contacts from all over the world that I have made during my many travels. I have the privilege of working with choice precious/semi-precious raw form gems and metals, available direct to me from the miners themselves for my custom designs. I intend to make sets of jewelry for some of our creations and maybe for yours, should you so wish. Also, I have many, many pieces of precious gem jewelry that are complete already and will soon be putting up a website for those!

We truly believe in the credo of Create, Imagine, Inspire, Enjoy, Share and above all else, let loose of the reins and let your innermost self fly free!!

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