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Cornelius Aveling

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Location:Steelpoort, Mpumalanga, South Africa
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Story of my life

It all started in 1984 on a sunny winter morning, the sun just broke over the horizon, the sunrays beamed into the hospital window. The clock is just past 6:10 am, at that moment a baby cried for the first time, that baby was me.

Two days later my feet touched the ocean for the first time, naturally I have no memory of any of this, the part that I know have been told over to me by my parents.

A few years later and I’m now young boy, I spent my days in the outdoors, when not on the beach my time was passed playing in the dirt as well as exploring the vacant lot adjoining my backyard..

As a child I had a very active imagination that was fuelled further by being exposed to the outdoors and the ocean. Later in life after moving away from the cost I started playing with computers and quickly understood it, I spent 2-3 years studying it and became the go-to-guy related to pc problems.

I also started working in the mining industry and studied it intensely, then went over to construction and back again to mining.

That’s my life, or just about all that I’ll share for now.
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