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Sam Means

Freelance Audio Editor & Video Editor

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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Samuel Means
Phone (323) 272.4154

As an editor, I use my technical experience and creative ingenuity to realize and manifest a project in a timely manner
that mirrors the vision that was carried throughout production by the producers and directors.

1995 - 2000 San Jose State University San Jose, CA
Theater Arts major / Film minor
2004 – 2005 Los Angeles Film School Hollywood, CA

Editing and Sound Design double major
Hardware & Software Experience
Proficient on both Mac and PC operating systems
Proficient on all Avid platforms (Symphony, X-press Pro, Adrenaline, and NITRIS systems)
Proficient on Final Cut Pro-HD 6 and supporting software (LiveType, DVD Studio Pro)
Proficient in Pro Tools for sound design, including Dolby 5.0 editing
Experienced with DVD authoring programs (including Roxio, DVD Studio Pro, etc.)
Experienced with After Effects for composite editing

Editing Experience
Nov 2004 Three Kings Interpretation ...short film... editor
Jan 2005 The Wedding Dress ....short film ....editor
May 2005 The Film Maker ...short film ...editor
June 2005 Pearly Whites... mock commercial... editor
May 2006 - Jan 2009 Estudio 2 ....t.v. musical variety show ...supervising editor
Jan 2007 - Sept 2008 Teatro de la Risa ...t.v. stand up comedy show... supervising editor
June 2007 Brad Delp: The Rockstar I Called Dad... documentary... editor
Dec 2009 Inside Out: The Book... book promo ...editor
Feb 2010 The Lincoln Bedroom ....short film.... clean-up editor
May 2010 Bleacher Report: Thomas vs. Mayorga ...MMA fight promo ...editor
June 2010 Bleacher Report: Fedor Emelianenko ...exclusive interview ...editor
July 2010 Bleacher Report : E3 Game Expo ...highlight promo ...editor
July 2010 Bleacher Report: Miesha Tate... exclusive interview... editor

*I also have extensive experience with EPK's and promo reels~
*I own a Mac G5 Intel, outfitted with Final Cut Pro 6 HD
*Fluent bilingual in English and Spanish
*Experienced Sound Designer and Actor (resumés upon request)
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Audio Editing
Video Editing