Freelance Digital Artist & Graphic Designer

Location:Kent, Washington, United States
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I am Alexzandra H, I love to draw. I advance highly in cartoon art, though I can do realistic if necessary. I am currently in an advanced program called "Running Start". I take my required highschool classes and at the same time I am doing college classes. This way I can take college classes that can count towards my required highschool credits and said college credit. Basically I will graduate highschool and college at the same time and earn an AA degree. From there I will go straight into a 4 year art college that may fit my needs.

I have been hired to do logo's for websites and businesses. I have designed websites and worked a bit in Flash animation.
As I have said before, I advance in cartoon art. I am best at anthro and Sonic styled body forms but still can do many others. I am good at anime and manga art as well. Most of my art and drawings are done via computer with my tablet.
I can also do any style (not limited). As for my realistic art, I can do well in pencil and charcoal with still life.

I will add more to this as my style improves.
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Digital Art
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