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Ryanne Kennedy

Freelance Ad Designer & Comic Artist

Location:new york, New York, United States
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I'm a starving Artist, Literally!!!! I'm a single mother of three and really need whatever work I can get!!! I would go back to college to advance my career, but the single mother of three part is holding me back. So if you know or need anything that I might be able to do, please let me know!!!

My Creative Bio:
I was born the daughter of a crop sharer outside of Saint Joseph, Missouri in 1850. I grew up deaf, mute and blind until the age of 131 when god decided to give me my voice, hearing and site, Hallelujah! Later in that year I encountered a vampire, who loved my neck a little too much. He took a bite, but thankfully the undead infection didn't take against my rare but pure blood type and coincidently turned him human again. I've encounted werewolves in Transylvania only to find out they really just want some affection and a little scratch behind the ear every once in a while. I've been out hunting for bigfoot until I finally met him face to face and he told me I was trespassing and If I didn't get off his land he was going to have to call the police. I've have single handedly fought a grizzly bear in the frozen tundra of Alaska. In the 1950's I lived fast and had fun! Also, I've been getting ready for the inevitable Zombie apocalypse for the past decade. Since then I have been creating art as I see fit. My muse is the great form of life as I see it in my head. I may be a mere comic artist, painter, illustrator, and ad designer but my long lived heart and my art says so much more than that.

In reality, I am looking for freelance work but mostly I would like to get a full time job in NYC. If you or someone you know has an opening please let me know or have them get in touch with me! Thank you - Ryanne Kennedy
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