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I have been writing ever since I was 6 and haven't stopped. In college, my major was Journalism and I also wrote for the college paper LOGOS as a staff reporter. My resume however is revolved around sales as I am very good with people and customer service. Unfortunately I didn't graduate college as I was juggling other curriculars. Despite my goal for my AA I am a very proficient writer and recently I started a blog which I plan on writing in daily. It is very abstract, my writing for the most part is very open minded and unfiltered.
Below you will find my complete resume. Any questions or concerns feel free to call me. Thank you.

Rachel Christina Myli
1010 S President Ave
Mason City, IA 50401

Previous Job
Self Employed- In Home Healthcare Aid for Irene Hart
Guardian- Corinne Sills
I take care of a 97 year old lady named Irene Hart. I assist her to and from her bathroom or commode, make meals, and entertain her while in her home.

Radioshack- Sales Manager
12-9-10- 07-25-11
DM- Tyler Bloomer

I sold phones inside Target at their mobile location. Even though I work inside Target, I'm employed under Radioshack and Sam's Club Kiosk. Our guests are able to do add a lines, start new lines and their 2 year upgrades.

Kelly Services
Manual labor

I stacked cups on their machines, cleaned up spills. Wasn't fond of the job so I quit to go to my current job.

Kentucky Ridge
Residential Aid

I took care of residents bathing, putting their wraps on, giving them their medication. I got sick of doing 12 hours shifts every other day and quit.

Residential Marketing Specialist 05-10-9-10

I went door to door selling Mediacom products such as their phone, internet and cable. I was able to make my own schedule and did very well however, it got in the way of my schooling and so i quit.

Bagel Depot

I served people food, took/placed orders and maintained a clean and safe environment. I decided to quit because I wanted something else in the sale's field.

Champions Bar and Grill

Took food and drink orders and maintained a clean and safe environment. The business shut down and so I quit.

Cashier/Customer Service 09-08-01-09

Worked in the lady's department but spent most of my time in the Tool department. I learned from different sizes in the lady's department to different type of sizes tools in the tool department. Also sold credit cards and dealt with customer service and maintained a safe and clean environment. I ended up quitting however because I didn't have a vehicle at the time and it made for finding rides to work almost impossible.

West Town Charlie Brown Daycare Daycare provider

Took care of children ages 2-5 years old. Mainly stayed with children in the 4-5 age range. Fed, taught, and took care of them. Was the classroom nightly teacher. Had a dispute with the director and was told to resign over a missunderstanding.


North Iowa Area Community College 2004-2007
Major: journalism
Didn't graduate

Crestwood High School
Early graduated
High school diploma


London Nelson
Mason City, IA
Have known her for 6 years. 641-210-1473

Whitney Lightbody
Mason City, IA
Have know her for 7 years 641-525-0475

Debbie Gardner
Mason City, IA
Have know her for 4 years and have worked with her at Charlie Brown Daycare

Cory Demaris
Mason City, IA
Have know him for 7 months. He worked in Target in the Electronics 641-530-2174

I am a very hard working individual, self motivated and am a fast learner. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to get a hold of me via phone. I don't really check my email a whole lot but do try to check my mail. Thank you.

Rachel Myli
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