Lucy Taskova

Freelance Editor & Translator

Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2 Skills
Sixteen years of teaching and consultation experience, two years of work experience in television and radio journalism and experience in International Collaboration in art project.
Highly competent in fast-paced work environment that demands strong organizational, analytical and intrapersonal skills. Excellent in multitasking, prioritizing and delivering results. Confident in working with individuals, groups and organizations at all levels.

Experience Highlights
Consultant (8 years)
• Planned, organized and delivered programs for gifted children and planned, organized and delivered correctional programs for children in risk.
• Examined and assessed behavior; diagnosed behavioral, emotional and cognitive disorders; counselled students as individual and groups to achieve more effective personal, social and vocational development.
• Used standard psychological tests for assessment. Applied psychological theory and principles regarding behavior and mental processes such as learning, memory, perception and language development
Teacher/Educator (8 years)
• Taught for two years courses on group and individual counseling to undergraduate students.
• Responsible for fostering children’s intellectual, social and emotional development in the kindergarten level.
Coordinator (1 year)
• Coordinated an international art project – ethno - rock opera “Harold and Oslava”
• Created synopsis
• Identified the available musical resources in Bulgaria and Norway
• Responsible for international public relations
Journalist ( 2 years)
• Collected and analyzed information about newsworthy events for Radio and Television
• Specialized in art reports
• Monitored the educational field to obtained more information concerning different areas and levels of education

• MA, English Language and Literature - Paisii Hilendarski University Plovdiv, 2001
• MA, Ethnology - Paisii Hilendarski University Plovdiv, BG, 2001
• BA, Early Education- Paisii Hilendarski University Plovdiv, BG, 1991

Language Skills
Written and spoken: English, Bulgarian, Russian and French

Additional Training and Certificates
• Socio-professional Integration Services - Champlain Adult Education Centre, Access –to-Work 2010-2011
• French Course (Level 7B) - Champlain Adult Education Centre , 2010
• Certificate in Group Counseling - Sofia University ,Sofia, BG , 1997
• Certificate in ESL - Paisii Hilendarski University Plovdiv, BG , 1993

Research Accomplishments Masters Thesis: P.S : Kanaleto, 2001
Studied the TV Show Kanaleto and how it influenced the public’s reactions to the socio-political and cultural situation in Bulgaria in 1995-1996. Studied the social and cultural aspects of the music created by KyKy band and Slavi; as well as their arrangements of traditional Bulgarian folklore.
• “Conflictual interpretations of homosexuality in Bulgaria” – Sofia University, Sofia 1998
• “Kanaleto from the bird’s eye”, Plovdiv University, Plovdiv 1997
• “Brief history of magical practices in South Bulgaria”, Plovdiv University, Plovdiv 1995

On the TV Show Kanaleto, Bulgarian Folklore, year XXIII, 1997, issue 1-2, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, Bulgaria
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