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Jerrell Conner

Freelance Comic Artist & Animator

Location:los angeles, California, United States
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In the years since graduating from Otis College of Art and Design Artist Jerrell Conner has jumped around the industry wearing all types of hats, varying from project to project; including pre-production, storyboarding, layout, animation, supervising animation, art direction, supervising technical director, character/concept design, illustration, fine arts, motion graphics, co/directing, producing, effects, compositing, T-shirt and apparel graphics, as well as comic books/graphic novels.

He has worked with companies and individuals such as: Electronic Arts, MTV, Tankfarm,
Faveur, Jupiter Pictures, Big Vision, Chamber Bros entertainment, Derekstar, IMAX, 4th Ave
Jones, Kate Earl, Suburban Legends, and Ahmad.

His work has been published in several periodicals and has been featured multiple times in
Spectrum: the annual best in fantastic art publication. All in addition to his very own graphic
novel series "Revelations: The Prophets" (also known as "The RED R") which has been
published multiple times with several books in print today.

Currently he is the assistant director over a collective of artists called Derekstar, the
illustrator/art director designing the world of a soon to be released graphic novel/movie called
Kid-Verse, designing a line of sports themed apparel called "Don't Blink Mix Tape",
illustrating movie posters for IMAX's exclusive global campaign, touring the art circuit with
his character based series of drawings and paintings, but mainly you can find him working on
his main project Revelations, a post apocalyptic graphic novel/animated series which he has
been developing for over 10 years now.

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