Kevin Ellis

Freelance Television Producer & Digital Artist

Location:Houston, Texas, United States
Phone: 3234470863
2 Skills
Dear Hiring Manager,

I specialize using Flame/Inferno/Smoke and Nuke. I have been working in the visual effects industry since 1996, starting out

as a Roto Artist and then began compositing. For the past ten years I have been on-lining and compositing with

Inferno/Flame; and in the last four years I have added Nuke to my skill-set. I use Nuke and Flame together quite a bit now as

more and more work is being done Stereoscopic. I also have experience with After Effects and though I am not as

experienced with FCP, it is something I could pick up very quickly and do have some experience with. I am a very organized

worker. My set-ups are named and put together in an orderly fashion rather than as a spider web. I am a problem-solver, but

have no problem asking for help if needed. I also really enjoy working with a team, though I can work independently just as

well. I am accustomed to working under high pressure and can complete any project presented to me in a timely fashion.

Most recently I've been at MFX, G4 Network and FOX Sports, Finishing with Flame/Smoke. both are not on my resume yet. I

have attached my reel and resume. Thank you for your time and consideration.

MY DEMO REEL can be seen at


Kevin Ellis


Job History
Digital Domain - (2005-2009)
Flame Artist Compositor
At Digital Domain I have been lucky enough to bounce between film and commercials. Most of my work here has been in the Flame department compositing, onlining and handing out comps to freelancers that would come in. My work here has entailed using all of the sparks for Sapphire, Foundry, Tinder and Speed 6. My job also consisted of performing color corrections, tracking, and using Master Keyer and Primatte for pulling mattes. On the film side I have worked on Stealth, Golden Compass, We Own The Night, Mummy 3 and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; while on the commercial side some of my bigger projects include select American Express, Gears of War, Lexus, Hummer, Jak and Dax, Orvalle Redenbaker and Budweiser commercials
Yu+Co - (1999-2004)
Freelance Inferno Artist
All projects at Yu+Co have been in conjunction with multiple artists. I was responsible for conforming and compositing 2D and 3D images from designers into live action plates. Title conforms were a big part of the job and I used Sapphire, Foundry, Tinder and 5D Sparks software to complete them. I was also responsible for performing color corrections, tracking, and using Master Keyer and Primatte for pulling mattes. Projects included: trailers for Rated X, and Terminal; a commercial for Zelnorm; title sequences for Hulk (French/Italian versions), The Rundown, Poncho Villa, Tarzan, Paycheck, and Sueno.
Imaginary Forces - (1999-2003)
Freelance Inferno/Flame/Smoke Artist
Here my work consisted of performing final film conforms for title sequences. I used Primatte and Inferno Keyer for pulling mattes. Most projects were completed in conjunction with multiple artists. The titles I worked on include: Wild Wild West, Unbreakable, Charlie's Angels, Mummy 2, The One and Spiderman. I also worked on some commercials including: Janus, Aero and Nissan spots.
SONY Imageworks (2000)
Freelance Inferno Artist
Used Discreet Inferno for compositing, garbage-masking shots, wire removals, scratch removals and dustbusting. Film projects include: Hollowman, CastAway and What Lies Beneath.
NBC Burbank (2000-2002)
Freelance Flame Artist
I assisted in night roto work, tracking, color corrections as well as prepping jobs for the next day.
Cuttingroom Santa Monica (2001)
Freelance Smoke Artist
I did color corrections, blurred out obscenities, 4 point tracking and stabilizations of USA flags for Kid Rock’s “Forever” music video.
Caliban Filmworks (1996-1999)
Staffed Inferno Artist
At Caliban, I began as a Junior TD/Artist and progressed into working as an Inferno Artist. I trained interns to do layoffs, archiving and building UNIX directory structures. I pulled mattes using Inferno Keyer. Projects I worked on include: Postman, As Good As It Gets, Sunset Strip, X-Files (the movie). I also worked on the title sequences for Blast From The Past. I worked on “The Donnas” music video and many other in-house projects.
Santa Barbara High School – class of ‘86
San Jose State University (1992-1994) - Digital Media Major
Silicon Studios Santa Monica (1995) – Completed an array of courses including multiple flame courses, Alias/Maya classes, and Elastic Reality courses.
Other training/certification – I am certified on Shake.