Teressa G

Freelance Technical Writer & Business Consultant

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
Website: http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/TeressaGehrke
2 Skills
• Manage, supervise, and train a group of 30 or more; scrum experience
• Collaborate with C-level executives
• Consult, develop, and implement strategies for company and individual success
• Focused experience in cyber security, engineering, manufacturing, biotechnology, and telecommunications
• Streamline processes to improve productivity and savings
• Superior organizational skills developing filing and database systems
• Generate innovative ideas for technical and creative collaborations
• Self-directed, independent; able to work remotely/telecommute full time
• Recruit, interview, and hire staff

• Experience working with culturally diverse staff and communities
• Apply qualitative and quantitative methods to insights about customer beliefs and behaviours, resulting in improved product placement, company culture, and corporate strategy.
• Passionate about people and places, willing to experience other cultures
• Develop processes to understand complexity gaps in Customer/Employee Satisfaction
• Travel to Guatemala, England, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, Denmark, and Sweden
• Assist companies in determining "Big Unknowns"
• Basic foreign language skills
• 10+ years of experience collaborating with team members internationally
• Intellectual curiosity; flexible; adaptable

Accelrys Inventory Management; Biovia (Accelrys) Laboratory Execution System; Act Database; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop; Audacity; Citrix; Clarity; Consumable Inventory Management System; Corel Draw; Deltek GCS Premiere; Dynamics; Enterprise Document Management System; Fast JV; Google Apps; HTML; INCA; IXRF; JD Edwards; JMP; Lotus; MethodBuilder; Monument; Motic Images; MS Office; MS Visio; Oracle; PVI; Quadra Chek; Quark Xpress; Quartz PCI; QuickBase; Remedy; SharePoint; Siebel, SmartLab; SnagIt; TFCompanion; Thermo Laboratory Information Management System; Varian; Vision; Win FTM; WorkShare

Hitachi S3400N Scanning Electron Microscope, JEOL JSM-6480LV low vacuum Scanning Electron Microscope, XRD/XRF, Electron Dispersal Spectrometer x-ray system, Acu-Gage, CNC design, optical profilometer, spectrophotometer, MProbe spectrometer, optical microscope, Fluke multimeter, Hummer sputtering machine, infrared camera, Oriel Solar Simulator, NPC Solar Simulator, quantum efficiency instrument, soldering, laboratory experience.

IT Project Manager – NCR Aug. 2017-Nov. 2017
• Project Manager for Telecom & Technology Services
• Coordinate engineering tasks with project management team, implementation coordinators, territory managers, and transaction resource specialists.
• Collaborate with customers to address T&T needs
• Create standard operating procedures (SOPs) for project management processes and scheduling tasks
• Utilize QuickBase software to track and communicate project status

Customer Experience Consultant – [Real Soft Inc. June 2015-Jan. 2017] [NCR Feb. 2017-July 2017]
• Consultant for Polycom, Inc. – Professional Services
• Project Manager for video/voice conferencing Solution Design and Envisioning Services
• Consult, interpret, and analyze use case experiences into a cohesive narrative to determine best solution for the customer
• Integral team member in WorkSpace Design Services
• Support the creation and improvement of processes and procedures
• Author and revise technical documents, such as solution designs, run books, workflow diagrams, How-To Guides, On boarding, Consulting Reports, Technical Assessments, White Papers, SOPs, and templates
• Utilize qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including questionnaires, surveys, individual/group interviews, and statistical analysis to determine use cases
• Design and implement a two-day training curriculum on how to deliver and write a solution design for Project Managers, Solution Consultants, and Field Engineers
• Lead training classes to advance the skills and capabilities of project managers, solution design consultants, and technical writers about changes to workflow processes and authoring systems resulting from the projects the team manages
• Develop marketing campaigns for internal sales and management use
• Published author of marketing "Success Stories" for Polycom
• Manage, organize and ensure current versions are available for use on SharePoint site
• Lead and participate in team meetings nationally and internationally
• Maintain processes to ensure project management deliverables are relevant, accurate and complete upon submission to customer.
• Distribute information to Polycom Professional Services and other stakeholders in the enterprise who are or will be affected by the Professional Services projects and documentation
• Track and communicate project status and reporting

Senior Technical Writer, Quality Staffing of America: Aug. 2014-Nov. 2014
• Consultant for the State of Colorado-Governor's Office of Information Technology
• Authored technical documentation such as remediation plans, standard operating procedures, and security policies to resolve IRS audit security findings
• Collaborated with CISO, directors, managers, analysts, and administrators to remediate findings
• Created procedures and policies, such as Firewall Security; Risk Assessment; Access Control; Secure System Development Life Cycle; Mobile Code and VoIP technology; and Compliance
• Scrum and project management experience
• Knowledge of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and IRS security guidelines and policies

Senior Technical Writer, KForce Technology: Jan. 2014-June 2014
• Consultant for Catholic Health Initiatives - Security Engineering department
• Authored and revised standard operating procedures, reference documents, and knowledge base documents for Help Desk staff in accordance with CHI requirements and guidelines
• Designed Microsoft Visio diagrams and workflows
• Analyzed gap assessments between national standards and health facility site SOPs
• Analyzed technical literature, created descriptive copy, and verified documentation
• Collaborated with security engineers, managers, and application analysts to establish technical specifications for SSO (Single Sign On) authentication
• Ensured clarity of technical verbiage for knowledge base documents, especially for outsourced help desk managers and support staff, including culturally sensitive language and phrasing

Quality Control Analyst – Method Builder, Aerotek Scientific: 2012-2013
• Consultant for Amgen
• Managed, created, and modified electronic scientific procedures in Accelrys LES using MethodBuilder software
• Authored, reviewed, edited and qualified process documentation
• Created Online Help documents for Method Builders
• Operated Thermo LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), Accelrys Inventory Management, Accelrys Laboratory Execution System, and Enterprise Document Management System software
• Collaborated with subject matter experts (SMEs) internationally in designing electronic lab notebook (eNotebook/ELN) methods ensuring quality control, workflow efficiency, and standards
• Understanding and design of workflow and process mapping

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Engineer, Ascent Solar Technologies: 2009-2011
• Authored standard operating procedures, out-of-control-action plans (OCAPs), defect atlas, low yield analysis, workflow charts, and a daily QAQC monitoring policy
• Documented an installation manual which received IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) certification
• Managed, monitored, and revised documentation and adhered to stringent document control processes
• Created descriptions of products for company database and documentation
• Developed presentations, charts, graphs, and other visual aids to improve process development
• Photographed products to analyze quality control parameters
• Tested various parameters of product to ensure quality control standards
• Managed, operated, maintained, and calibrated a scanning electron microscope and various optical instruments
• Designed, modified, and tested two-dimensional programs on an Acu-Gage (CNC machine) measuring and inspecting features of interest
• Participated in task force operation meetings and informed engineering and manufacturing heads about process development and quality control improvements
• Established and organized internal filing system for solar products

Master of Arts, Colorado State University - Anthropology and International Development, 2007

University of Colorado-Denver: Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Spanish studies

Bachelor of Arts, University of Denver - Art History and Anthropology, 1999
• Department of Anthropology, Ruth Underhill Award: Best Senior thesis
• Alpha Gamma Delta Women's Fraternity: Kay Kavalec Algire Award
• Rho Lambda Women’s Honor Society

Deaf Culture research paper, Colorado State University graduate course work
• Conducted research regarding conceptions of Deaf/deaf culture, identity and disability
• Utilized qualitative methodology, including interviews
• Researched beliefs about deafness and cochlear implants utilizing quantitative methods
• Analyzed data and constructed a cultural model of deafness based on research

Disability Strategies in Chile research paper, Colorado State University graduate course work
• Examined the marginalized population of individuals with disabilities in Chile
• Defined disability in Chile within a historical context
• Researched strategies and policies implemented by the Chilean government as well as non-government agencies, which include non-profit organizations, health care facilities and educational institutions, which address the rights and services of disabled people
• Researched the issue of social inclusion in Chile of individuals with disabilities

Analysis of Disability in Haiti, Colorado State University graduate thesis
• Examined individuals with genetic disorders and disabilities in Haiti
• Defined disability within a Haitian context
• Researched strategies and policies implemented by the Haitian government, as well as non-government agencies, which included non-profit organizations and health care facilities
• Researched the issue of social inclusion in Haiti of individuals with disabilities
• Utilized qualitative methodology, particularly, interviews
• Conducted research regarding cultural conceptions of disability in Haiti
• Examined the relationship between Haitian culture, disability, and political economy theory

Internship at Wings of Hope-Fermathe, Haiti (February 2007 to May 2007)
The internship was completed as part of a graduate requirement for a master’s degree in Anthropology and International Development. I explored cultural conceptions of genetic disorders, disability, and social inclusion of individuals with disabilities in Haiti. I examined the role of the government and of non-governmental agencies in providing care and services to individuals with disabilities in Haiti. I determined viable solutions to address the needs of individuals with disabilities who receive care in Haiti. I presented my internship experience and research findings to my graduate committee. I have also presented my time in Haiti and research to the public.

• Assisted in the development and implementation of the physical therapy program for the residents.
• Worked with staff in the PT program, as well as visiting health care professionals, such as physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and kinesiologists.
• Assisted in the occupational therapy program, working with residents to improve hand-eye coordination, quantitative skills and speech.
• Participated in American Sign Language (ASL) tutoring with residents who were deaf

• Created a Physical Therapy Handbook with various exercises and stretches for each child that helped to meet their physical needs, based on the recommendations of the medical professionals.
• Learned to speak, write, and read Haitian Creole.
• Prepared a report for management with solutions on improving the quality of care for residents.
• Presented internship experience to church organizations and public audiences.

Technical Writing, HTML, Grammar