Ryan Clark

Freelance T-Shirt Designer & Comic Artist

Location:Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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My name is Ryan Clark and trauma created my art. One fine day, during a brief moment of induced introspection, I contemplated my life and thoughts meandered to two events that shaped me; some creeps and having been locked up. Why had God put those two obstacles into my life? Why that route for me when he has so obviously guided my life?
My Art of course…
The bent of my artwork is a fusion of therapeutic expression of healing, and the hours spent practicing, to while away my time that perfected its growth and application. I found myself realizing that I would never surrender my talent and so, would I change my life if I could? Would I remove those two scars, and I found I wasn’t so sure. I feel society has punished me for its own shortcomings, and when I fought back, I came up the loser. My frustration forces me to live on the fringe and this passion is what I am marketing.
I have a raw imagination...
I am also capable of interpreting other people’s inspired visions and translating them into viable, market specific art.
For years I’ve done my Art as a hobby, while working in construction. This has worked well for me; however, the time has come for a change of paths.
My schooling is in graphic design, storyboarding, AutoCAD, 3D modeling, 2D animation (high school), 3D animation (college), and layout.
I am a self taught illustrator, painter, sculptor, and tattooist.
My background in construction also allows for possibilities in interior design, and other larger projects. I am currently working on two coffee table books of Canadian Scenery, and of Toronto’s Alleyway Graffiti (both photographic compilations).
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T-Shirt Design
Comic Art