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Freelance Landscape Painter, Portrait Painter, & More

Location:branford, Connecticut, United States
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I'm Pat, but my friends call me "Hardcore". My fascination with sketching, drawing and doodling has always been a hobby of mine. It started with Bart Simpson, "Ren & Stimpy" and a variety of other characters. I created my own cartoons and, at 13, bound a completed comic strip. My junior year of high school is when I decided to actually take a course designated to art/artists. I never took my talent seriously, I just enjoyed it, had fun and went with the flow. I found it was the only time I was able to slow down, focus, and narrow in on a task/project. I took comfort in each moment with my works. After years of physical labor and conformity, I decided to start over and follow my dreams. With the support of my friends and family, I applied to Paier College of Art. Delighted, I was accepted in 2010. For the last two years I experimented with water colors, comic books, sketching, live drawings, and my personal favorite, oil paints. I take advantage of the experience and opportunities we are given. I strive to be different, have a different technique, and make a mark in the future/world of art. Mastering and developing myself, I am taking this summer to extend my personal collection. Since building my empire, I had completed several pieces including portraits and landscapes. Each piece is unique, speaks to the client, and is personal. I am more open to the beauty and sensitivity of our world. I can't help but take notice in the texture, color, depth, flow, and natural color arrangements, around me, at all times. To seclude myself, I reconstructed my home basement into a studio, equipped with: paints, brushes, canvas and endless references. Each and every person helps build my foundation. I needed their motivation to propel myself into this competitive field. I appreciate them reminding me of my talent, capabilities, and contributions. I took note of those who doubted my passion and deep yearning to make a name for myself. I want everyone, no matter what your story is, to take notice, admire my color choices, realism, etc. I want you all to ask questions, get inside of my head, or even share your own interpretation. I look forward to conversing with you all. Thank you for visiting my site.

I feel that as a person I am a well rounded one. I always try to do my best and achieve greatness. I love being active with my work and my hobbies. Other than painting and drawing, I love the outdoors I love to workout and I also play in a band. I am 26 and currently working my way through art school. I didn't discover painting until about 2 years ago. I fell in love with oils right there, and I don't see my self stopping anytime soon. My goal in life is to be happy with what I’ve accomplished, and I feel I will be accomplished when I’m noticed for my work.