Michael Licavoli

Freelance Comic Artist & 3D Animator

Location:Kansas City, Kansas, United States
Website: http://awanderingartist.wordpress.com/industry-work/
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My name is Michael Licavoli and I graduated as valedictorian with a Bachelor of Arts in Virtual Modeling and Design from the University of Advancing Technology. There has been no doubt I wanted to work in the field of art for my career, so I never stopped innovating my creative process. I have seen the art industry change rapidly since childhood so I openly embraced creating my own content.

Considering 2D & 3D artwork is ever evolving I'm ready to jump in head first before the next wave of applications is upon us. This process brought me to create 3D assets for a publication entitled Beyond Arcadia as well as content for a new field of 3D known as augmented reality. I was able to successfully fuse live action video with three dimensional objects in real time for a group associated with the University of Advancing Technology. I also become the art assistant for Todd McFarlane at Spawn.com working on art assets for comics and toy production. The bulk of my work with Spawn’s affiliates is under a non-disclosure agreement, however I display what I can on my website. I've given my all so that when given the opportunity I can develop anything our collective minds can imagine.

I'm a passionate concept artist and that is why I'm posting here. I would love to bring your vision to life and together I know we can accomplish great things.

Michael J. Licavoli miclicav@gmail.com T: (928)-970-0817 http://awanderingartist.wordpress.com/portfolio/
302 Reagan Dr.
Lansing, KS 66043

- Valedictorian of the graduating class at the University of Advancing Technology 2010
- 2D/3D Character and Environment artist.
- 2D/3D Animation.
- Strong understanding of art foundations.
- Storyboard artist.
- Storyline creator.


- Maya - 3D Studio Max
- ZBrush - Toon Boom Studio
- Pro Tools - Flash
- Photoshop - Illustrator
- Corel Painter - After Effects

Design Skills
- Character Design
- Creature Design
- Environment Design
- Story Layout
- Plot Development

Professional Skills
- Creativity
- Leadership
- Problem Solving/Flexibility
- Time Management
- Japanese Language

- University of Advancing Technology
B.A. in Virtual Modeling and Design 2008 to 2010
3D Animation and related study.

- Northern Arizona University
Focus on Visual Communications 2007 to 2008
Japanese and Prerequisites

- Art Assistant at TMP International Inc. (Spawn.com)
- Valedictorian of graduating class at the University of Advancing Technology for 2010.

References available upon request.


BAE Systems 3D Animator Fort Leavenworth, KS Present
At BAE Systems the Animator creates custom rigs to control and move 3D models in order to obtain the most realistic renditions of movement possible.

Spawn.com Art Assistant Tempe, AZ 2009 - 2010
This position required uploading and cleaning scanned pencil renders and then further updating them within Photoshop. It was necessary to work closely with the staff on all stages of comic production even utilizing Adobe In Design for page layout. There was also an opportunity to work on freelance work with TMP’s affiliates such as the NHL.

JET Program Assistant Language Teacher Kagoshima, Japan 2010 - 2011
In the JET Program native English speakers work alongside Japanese English teachers in order to provide additional support and assistance for Japanese students.
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Comic Art
3D Animation