Ian Mark Stewart

Freelance Animator & Flash Designer

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Phone: 401 447 3909
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With seven years of diverse professional experience under my belt, I am now a highly experienced and proficient animator/director.

Since earning my BFA in Film/Animaton/Video at the Rhode Island School of Design (where I was created the award winning animation called "Crazy Eyes Dolphin vs The Mad Cows") I have had a great professional career working at many well known animation studios including Bento Box, Radical Axis and Soup2Nuts. At these studios I have worked on many popular shows. Most recently IFC's new adult comedy "Out There," has been added to the list, but others include Adult Swim's "Squidbillies" and the Emmy award-winning "Wordgirl." Additionally I directed a small team through two seasons of the PBS Kids Go Emmy nominated web series "Chuck Vanderchuck," a light-hearted website that promotes music appreciation to children.

I have been able to accomplish a lot in the animation business in a short period of time because of my artistic ability, tenacity, organizational skills, impeccable speed and inability to accept poor quality work. I have an unerring love of animation as an art form and am very excited that I am currently and will continue to bring that love to the public for years to come.

Specialties: Animation Directing, Flash CS3, Toon Boom/Harmony, Animate PRO, Storyboard PRO, Photoshop, After Effects, Traditional Hand Drawn Animation, Painting
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