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Freelance Comic Writer & Animator

Location:Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
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I am a japanese who have experienced to win a prize at a girls-comic magazine in japan.But I have been dreaming about writing comic art in the US.Because of there are a lot of background people in the US.I think the US offers lots of exciting theme for me.Most favorite theme to write comic for me is girls or women-comic.I can write stories for girl or women who take an active part in various places, such as school,office,fantasy,sometimes historical comic.But,of course another theme will be fine.So now I am planing to shift the stage to write comic in the US. Unfortunately, I have no experience in working in the US.Somehow I am going to stay in the US though.
My skill is to draw or paint a illustration,to write a comic.I can draw both handwriting and using
a computer.I am good at drawing actual animal,mythology creature,people who is both real and fantasy.
I am capable of being imagined comic story.
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Comic Writing