Tony Dews

Freelance Creative Writer & Editor

Location:Hamilton, Ohio, United States
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I am a published writer in a variety of genres with a passion for the written word and how it can change lives, minds and the world. I have a proven record on elance with ghost writing completed in sci-fi, fantasy and horror. I am able to work with authors and publishers to have the voice in the book heard by the reader and I have the imagination that puts me in the mind of my characters to give realism to what they do, say and think. I have strong skills in spelling, grammar and punctuation. I will be able to put ideas forward that can help the writer come up with the best book they can. I am professional in my work and I value clarity in my work and in books I read. I put the reader first and foremost and I believe they are the most important element in the writing process.

I have experience in proofreading and editing and I use the Chicago Manual of Style and the Oxford Style Manual depending on the requirements of my work. I also use Fowler’s and Garner’s English Usage Guides and have many other grammar and writing books by such as Strunk and White as well as Walsh.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Tony Dews
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Creative Writing