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Location:Centennial, Colorado, United States
Phone: 303-903-2103
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Award-winning writer/filmmaker Donald L. Vasicek studied producing, directing and line producing at the Hollywood Film Institute under the acclaimed Dov Simens and at Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute. He studied screenwriting at The Complete Screenplay, Inc., with Sally Merlin (”White Squall”), daughter of the famed Hollywood Merlin family of screenwriters and writers, as his mentor.

Don has taught, mentored, and is a script consultant for over 400 writers, directors, producers, actors and production companies.

Don has also been in 20th Century Fox’s “Die Hard With a Vengeance”, NBC’s Mystery of “Flight 1501?, ABC’s “Father Dowling”, Red-Handed Production’s “Summer Reunion”, and Angel Street Films’ “Running Horses.”

These activities have resulted in Don’s involvement in over 100 movies during the past 25 years, from major studios to independent films including, MGMs $56 million “Warriors of Virtue”, Paramount Classics “Racing Lucifer”, American Pictures “The Lost Heart” and “Born To ****” starring the Charles Bronson of Korea, Bobby Kim, and his internationally-known director/brother, Richard, Incline Productions, Inc.’s “Born To Win”, Olympus Films+, LLC’s “Haunted World” with Emmy-nominated PBS Producer Alison Hill, and Olympus Films+, LLCs “Faces,” and “Oh, The Places You Can Go.”

He wrote, directed and produced the documentary film, “The Sand Creek Massacre.” It was awarded best short film at The Indie Gathering Film Festival, best Native American Film at The American Indian Film Festival and the prestigious Golden Drover Award for Best Native American film at the Trail Dance Film Festival. The film was recently catalogued into Smithsonian Institute Libraries.

Don also has written and published over 500 books, short stories and articles. His books include “How To Write, Sell, And Get Your Screenplays Produced” and “The Write Focus.” He has acted as a
writing consultant for the books, “When We Don’t Remember: A Book about Incest,” “Police-Community Relations”, and “Me Jane…Not You.” Don has also ghostwritten “Urban Wakeup

Don has been a guest screenwriting and filmmaking columnist for Hollywood Lit. Sales, Moondance International Film Festivals e-zine, Screenwriters Forum, Screenplace, Screenplayers.Net, Digital Cinema Report, Screenwriters.Net, Screenwriters Utopia, Spraka & Kinsla (Swedish), “Inkwell Watch”, and “Ink On the Brain.”Writing. Recognition includes Houston’s WorldFest International Film Festival, Chesterfield’s Writers Film Project, Writers Digest, The Sundance Institute, The Writer’s Network, Digital Cinema Report and the Rocky Mountain Writer’s Guild, Inc.

Don is on the board of directors of the American Indian Genocide Museum in Houston. He is presently co-writing with Pamela Cuming (“Downloading Nancy”, “Ghetto and co-producing a feature film about a Muslim woman married to a Christian man.
Don Vasicek is presently co-writing a screenplay with Pamela Cuming (“Downloading Nancy”, “Ghetto Physics”) and co-producing a feature film about a Christian/Muslim conflict.
Don Vasicek is presently acting as a writing consultant a unique Hollywood actress was is writing a novel.
Don Vasicek is presently acting as a writing consultant for a doctor writing a book on drug addiction.
Don Vasicek has his feature film, “The Eyes of Death”, in development. He is seeking funding and welcomes inquiries.
Don Vasicek has many projects under development or in various stages of production. Please visit the link below for his current project, ”Ghosts of Sand Creek” mini-series/documentary film project.

Don is the founder and owner of Olympus Films+, LLC, a global writing and filmmaking company and a screenwriting volunteer on and
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