Stephone Handy

Freelance Digital Artist & Poster Designer

Location:Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
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2011- Bachelor of Fine Arts /Digital Art and Design, Henderson State University,
Arkadelphia, AR.
2007- Diploma, Southwest Christian Academy, Little Rock, AR.

2011- 1st Runner Up in the Henderson State University 14th Annual Student Competitive
-Who's Who Among American College Students
2010- Henderson State University Dean's List
2008- Henderson State University Honor Roll
- Henderson State University Ellis College of Arts and Science Award
2007- Henderson State University Academic Scholarship
2006- Who's Who Among American High School Students

Freelance Work
2011- Henderson State University Band Camp and Band Recruitment, Arkadelphia, AR.
(poster design)
2010- Henderson State University Theater and Dance Company, Arkadelphia, AR. (shirt design)
2010- Henderson State University Art Club, Arkadelphia, AR. (logo)
2010- Customized Application Solutions, NC. (logo)
2009- Henderson State University Band Camp, Arkadelphia, AR. (poster design)
Work Experience
2011- Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, AR. Graphic Design Intern.
2010- Cantrell Walmart Supercenter, Little Rock, AR. Maintenance Associate.
2006- Southwest Christian Academy, Little Rock, AR. (cleaning and maintenance)

Computer Skills

Experienced with both Macintosh and Windows Operating Systems, Adobe Photoshop,
Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Microsoft Word, and Open Office.

Volunteer Work

2011- Little Rock Zoo, Little Rock, AR.
2010- “Raven by the Brook” food drive, St. Mark Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR.
2007- St. Mark Baptist Church Media Ministry (control cameras), Little Rock, AR.

Groups and Positions

2010- Henderson State University Art Club Photographer and Graphic Designer
2007- Southwest Christian Academy Senior Class Vice President
- Southwest Christian Academy National Honors Society
- Southwest Christian Academy Audio/Visual Lab
- Southwest Christian Academy Yearbook Committee Photographer and Writer.

Online Stores and Galleries

Featured Exhibitions

2011- Henderson State University 14th Annual Student Competitive Exhibition
(1st Runner Up), Arkadelphia, AR.
-"Building on Banneker" the senior exhibition of Stephone Handy, Arkadelphia, AR.
2010- Henderson State University 13th Annual Student Competitive Exhibition,
Arkadelphia, AR.
- Henderson State University President's Office Exhibition, Arkadelphia, AR.


Richard Stephens,Watercolorist, Workshop Instructor, Graphic Designer
28 Huntleigh Drive, Hot Springs, AR 71901
Jamie Stewart, Southwest Christian Academy Director of Development
10510 Aston Street, Little Rock, AR 72103
David J. Stoddard, Professor of Art
1100 Henderson Street, Henderson State University, Box 7792, Arkadelphia, AR 71999

Artist Statement

Whether one considers himself to be an exceptional illustrator, a skilled photographer, or a
highly advanced computer whiz, a complete understanding of design and composition is fundamental for success. No matter how detailed or meaningful a piece of work is, poor choices in design and composition can render it incomprehensible and ultimately unappealing to the viewer. As an artist, I approach each task in a similar matter. Whether I am designing a logo or creating a piece to be hung in a gallery, I follow a method that insures my work is not only meaningful but is also aesthetically pleasing and comprehensible.
The first step I take to creating a successful design is research. When presented with a
particular subject or idea, I search for any information I can find that will help me gain a better understanding of what I am doing. After researching, I determine what information is the most important and how to conceptualize it. I normally do this with a series of sketches. When sketching, I take notes on the different visual and emotional connections I can make with the information I obtained. I also gain a general idea of how the finished product will appear.
Once I have made a final decision, I determine what would be the most efficient and
professional way to render the design. Sometimes a well-textured, handmade look is preferred, while at other times a sleek, clean design is necessary. I typically use a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for most of my designs. The vector capabilities of Illustrator are essential when producing brand logos. Adobe Photoshop is normally my weapon of choice when creating highly textured and detailed printed and web designs. In producing a design, I do not only consider my personal feelings toward it, but how the public will view it. I always consider whether an idea is too simple or too complex. It is pertinent for one to know whether an idea is universal or stereotypical. If a design looks like an imitation of another popular, overly circulated design, it will become lost amongst the other imitators. If it is so bizarre that no one understands it, all the work put into it was a waste of time and money. A successful artist is rarely one that makes sporadic, unconscious decisions. Having a consistent method for designing not only makes the process fast and efficient, but also allows the designer to sharpen his skills and perfect his craft. That is always my goal as a designer. With every task I become more efficient, experienced and creative.
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Digital Art
Poster Design