Marco Michelutto

Freelance Italian Translator & Article Writer

Location:Sacramento, California, United States
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Two and a half years ago I won a phd student’s position at the university of Pisa, in Italy, proposing my own research project and getting a grant for it that allows me to study for a living, and while this is most than what the majority of students in Italy can say about themselves I came to realize that an academic career is not exactly what I look forward to in life. I feel more excited about short deadlines, jobs with a clear focus and the challenge that comes with facing the “real world” in terms of working, that’s why I’m now seeking something that I can start doing now and will maybe be there, or lead me to something else that will be there, when I get my phd next Spring. When I came here six months ago I immediately fell in love with this magnificent country, and with the great state of California in particular, and being my English as good as my Italian I truly hope to make this land my land. My actual VISA will expire by the end of October, but since it’s a J1 I’m allowed not only to work now but to enroll for a year of Optional Tactical Training at the end of my phd program and, provided I find a job, I intend to use every opportunity to carve my place here.