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Freelance Creative Writer & Song Writer

Location:Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
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Hi my name is Kwame'. I've been passionate about writing due to writing lyrics/music, poetry, &, story telling. Also, I've always had a passion for music in every obstacle every since I was 5 years old. As I got older I would write songs for my friends & they will tell me things like "You should be a song writer someday!" I feel like my mind is so revolutionary & versatile in ways people logically feel but don't see or get from the missing piece to the puzzle until I help them out ideally. Also, I try to be original & creative as I can be when it comes to my artwork which has been recognized & I also received a medal years ago for my scream face painting. I've been involve with other activities that contributes to art & music as well. I'm hardworking, I have a good sense of humor, & I'm determined. If I can help YOU fulfill your desires, then at the end of the day I'm excited & blessed to be apart of it. Love live life.
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Creative Writing
Song Writing