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Mike Hines

Freelance Illustrator & Technical Illustrator

Location:Charleston, South Carolina, United States
Phone: (843)642-6234
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Michael R Hines


Find work in illustration/drafting/design/photography/videography with an established employer, which utilizes my abilities, stirs my imagination, and keeps me in tune with new ideas.



Employer: Force Protection Industries, Inc.
Title:Illustrator, Photographer, Videographer, Logistician, Privisioner
Location: Ladson, SC
Duration: 09/2006 – 02/29/2012
Job Duties: Create illustrations to document parts, assemblies, and procedures to both replace them and make repairs on military vehicles. Have illustrated parts and assemblies in six different vehicle manuals. Created photo library for illustrators, writers, engineers and anyone else in company who has a need for this info. This library is searchable by both part number or description. Have also made videos and created a video library of vehicles both working(in motion), being assembled, being repaired, and being designed. I Work with customers(both foreign and domestic) validating manuals, as to their parts & procedures. I work with provisioning, getting part numbers, suppliers, and documentation of part specifics. I work in logistics, finding packaging methods and drawing them to government regulations.(ISODraw, Composer, Autocad, Sony Vegas, Photoshop, Illustrator, Office, Windchill)

Employer: Chameleon Cad and Graphics
Title: Draftsman/Designer
Location: Beaufort, SC
Duration: 02/2004 - 09/2006
Job Duties: Drafting and design of new ideas and designs. Piece part drafting for several machine shops and individuals. This includes multiple drawings approved by US Coast Guard for Patents on boats and marine vehicles.

Employer: A1 Surveying
Title: Rodman/Draftsman/Graphic Designer
Location: Beaufort, SC
Duration: 03/2001 - 05/2004
Job Duties: Flag property lines and building corners. Drew final layout of new emergency fire line system at Marine Corps Air Station/Beaufort. Piece part drafting of mechanical parts and design of house plans and additions. Design and manufacture custom signs. Cabinet design and manufacture using Cabinet Vision/AutoCAD.

Employer: Marlen Research
Title: Draftsman
Location: Hilton Head Island, SC
Duration: 08/1998 - 03/2001
Job Duties: Reworked all current drawings of modified atmospheric packaging machine
to new company standards. Made drawings of new parts and revisions of changed parts as needed.

Employer: Imported Car Parts, Inc.
Title: Owner/Manager
Location: Greenville, NC
Duration: 12/80 - 6/89
Job Duties: Ran one man store with several part time employees. Served all garages in area with a vast selection of sports car parts, such as MG, Austin Healey, Triumph, Porsche, and many others. Had a small junk yard and refurbishment operation at my home. Divorce caused sale of business.

Employer: Consolidated Equipment Erectors
Title: Millwright/Welder/Rigger
Location: Lynchburg, VA
Duration: 10/1975 - 10/1979
Job Duties: Installed manufacturing machinery, ranging from pharmaceutical equipment to automated machines printing labels on beer cans a rate of 1500/minute in 5 colors. Many injection molding facilities built or refurbished with new machinery.


Major: Mechanical Engineering/Drafting and Design
School: Craven Community College
Location: New Bern, NC
Degree: Associates in Science
Completion Date: 05/2000

Major: Commercial Art
School: Pitt Community College
Location: Greenville, NC
Degree: Associates in Arts
Completion Date:

Major: Liberal Arts
School: University of South Carolina
Location: Beaufort, SC
Degree: Bachelors
Completion Date:


I am a Millwright by trade who went back to school. I have built factories and set machinery all over the world. These factories made anything from beer cans, printed, at the rate of 1500/minute in 5
colors to boss cola bottle plants (injection moldings) to brake shoes and medicines. I have worked from prints and schematics all my life and want to be in a position to make things work right. The
machinery I installed included all support conveyor, piping, plumbing, and electrical.

I know AutoCAD, and studied Pro-E in college. I can draw anything in any program on any platform. Graphic arts are also an interest of mine and I bring much knowledge from education and hands on design/build experience in the sign and graphics business. Photography and videography are skills I have used quite a lot in recent years. I have videoed everything from a Caterpillar engine and transmission being disassembled and put back together to a vehicle being tested on both an asphalt track and running an off road course . The library I created of parts has been complemented by our Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Provisioning and of course our Illustration Department, which use it every day.

I have been to a foreign country to photograph parts and create logistic & provisioning data for their & our efforts.


Honor Roll 2 Semesters
History Club


US coast guard & Patent Office approval of patent drawings of boat(bus & car) which goes from road to water and back and is in production.

Graduation project from college was designing a tobacco baler, which is in production.