Shaleena Hamilton

Freelance Ghostwriter & Children's Book Writer

Location:talking rock, Georgia, United States
2 Skills
I am an at home mother as of the past year. I grew up in northeast alabama before entering the U.S. Army where I was early retired due to medical injuries and now reside in the northern mountians of Georgia with my family. I have always loved to write and have even had a few of my poems published when I was in high school. Writing is something that has always come naturally to me and while I have had no real training I am completly confident in my ability and skill in this area and am looking for exposure. I am willing to gaurantee satisfation on any jobs given to me at this time and will work for free unless employer is satisfied enough to use my work. I have been through many things on my walk of life and have met many people I feel that this combined with my love for writing will take me far if given the chance to prove myself and I am simply looking for people to give me that chance. My main intrest in work at this time is ghost writing however I would also love to write poetry for important events such as weddings, birthdays, ext. All I need is a brief discription of the event and the people involved. If you have any further questions or advice please message me.