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Location:Jackson, Tennessee, United States
Phone: 731-450-0311
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I write parody songs, like weird Al only X-rated with an adult theme. I have a published trivia book and have written for local newspapers, mostly opinions and little known facts to attract the readers. I see the big picture and have a rare ability to see both sides of an issue, I can converse with anyone no matter their age, race, gender, religion, ****** orientation, social standing, party affiliation or education, I will find something in common to talk about. From gang members to a Congressman, black, white, Asian, native Indian, Hispanic, 8 to 80 blind, crippled or crazy. I can write about history,Theology, race, politics, religion or philosophy and question the status quo of popular social and media thinking. I feel the online media today like the newspaper editors control the thinking of the masses by what they allow to be printed for the public to read. With politics I get my info from the library of Congress, the CRS, GAO and CBO not from right wingers like Rush and Fox news or from left wingers like Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and MSNBC, if you want the truth, go to the horses head not the horses ***.
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