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Joe Cassar

Freelance Comedy Writer & Writer

Location:Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
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Hello. My name is Joe; it says it right there, look!!

I am a writer of scripts, blogs. speeches/presentations, web content and marketing literature. I also dabble in lyric writing, children's stories and the odd poem. Having worked within the arts and education sectors for a number of years as a producer, project manager and consultant, I understand the value and importance of excellent writing. I recently made the decision to free up more time to focus on, and expand, my writing practice and so I am available for new projects, NOW!!

I work openly and believe good communication is key in any collaboration. An effective working relationship can be the difference between something being amazing and something being average and so my primary goal in any new endeavor is to ensure shared understanding and dovetailing expectations between myself and my collaborators. Expect me to be accessible and responsive, welcoming feedback throughout the project.

Service Description
Promotional Video Scripting - whether you're launching a website, selling a product or marketing a new campaign, a short promotional film on your website can do wonders for the kudos of your idea. Without a script that is in tune to your brand, you're possibly setting yourself up for a fall. That's where I come in, applying the right humor, tone, dialogue and imagery to ensure your audience immerse themselves in your message.

Speeches/Presentations - for some people, public speaking comes natural, for others it can be the 'thorn in their side', and the "one thing I hate about my job." Confidence is key and with an appropriate structure and the right choice of words, there's no reason to feel overwhelmed. My work as a trainer and consultant has seen me work with lots of professional people, helping them to develop their practice and grow in esteem. A presentation can be a wonderful opportunity to feel invigorated about your work and breath new life into your career.

Web Content - Choice!!! Normally it's not a case of not having anything to write, but more so on what we CHOOSE to include and the style and manner in which we include it. "From what perspective should I right about yourself?" "I'm writing my companies "About Us" page but it doesn't really say anything 'about us" "The tone of writing changes from one page to the next" "We've got the factual information but it feels flat and unexciting" - Any of these sound familiar? When writing content, it is incredibly important to think BIG and small at the same time. By understanding what you are writing but more importantly why you are writing it and who you are writing for, your content and copy will help you form a relationship with potential customers and set you apart from your competitors; many of which may have good-looking websites but without the 'flow' to keep people there.

Marketing Literature - One of my biggest irritations in life, aside from people blowing their nose right next to my ear, is receiving a a shiny looking flyer/brochure/leaflet (whether digital or hard-copy) that has obviously been written by the wrong person. All that hard work towards design, print and distribution completely poured down the drain because the wording is sub-standard. Get the right person for the job. Writing marketing copy is a fine skill, it is about attracting the reader, staying concise, conveying a sense of accessibility and communicating the right information. Nothing more, nothing less but a lot harder than you think.
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